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  • Should Video Games Be An Olympic Sport?

    eSports has taken the world by storm. Over the past decade, it's been the rising phenomenon amongst all forms of sports.


    When Cricket Australia announced that the Australian cricket team would not be touring Bangladesh, it was heartbreak for millions of fans.

  • Game of Thrones

    GoT's Moral Minefield

    As you read this, the post-GoT-season-finale frenzy is in full force. No matter what sort of plot deviation, book spoiler

  • How Much Does Your EDUCATION Cost?

    Bangladesh cannot prosper if the road to higher education is blocked by monetary constraints.

  • Game of Thrones’ Moral Minefield

    You have witnessed a psychopath rape a character who has grown up on screen, and a father burn his daughter at the stake for power. At this point you have to ask yourself, where does the line lie?

  • Opinion: AL’s yet another Goebbelsian tactic

    The attackers are all well known in the Karwan Bazar area. The Daily Star has found out that the attackers were mostly leaders and activists of the ruling Awami League's associated bodies and Chhatra League men from ward-26, Tejgaon and Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. In other words, Joy’s “angry public” are nothing but leaders of the student front of his own party.

  • Fight Back or Walk Away?

    In a situation like this, I feel that the girl should look him in the eye, stand her ground and confront him These men aren't brave enough to go further when the girl actually takes a stand.

  • Ekushey Boi Mela

    What We'd Like to See at Ekushey Boi Mela

    For us Bangladeshis, February is the most 'literary' of all the months.