Opinion / Why online classes during Ramadan should be the standard

It has been difficult for schools to accommodate a vacation throughout Ramadan. However, what makes it unacceptable is not opting for online classes.

Opinion / Why the theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is under-representative

The theme most certainly represents women, but does it represent all women?

Opinion / How corruption is perpetuated across generations in Bangladesh

This is not surprising in a country where adolescents are generally discouraged from thinking about politics and social issues, because these supposedly only concern adults.

Opinion / Let’s not interpret old media through a modern lens

Historical backdrop and our understanding of the relevant historical backdrop are important when we try to study a material or even enjoy it.

Opinion / Should menstrual leaves be issued in educational institutions?

Menstruation, one of the most normal bodily functions, has been branded as taboo since the beginning of time.

Opinion / BCB has to get the head coach appointment right this time

It's high time Bangladesh's coaching woes are resolved.

Opinion / Call for a safe DU campus

We have murdered our humanity and left it to rot at the sanctuary of democracy.

How strict parenting makes it harder to deal with failure

Our generation has been moulded to pursue success without ever learning how to deal with failures along the way.

Has the media's obsession with Shakib Khan gone too far?

Recently, there has been a surge in coverage of the actor Shakib Khan and his personal life.

Do university rankings reflect reality?

Do rankings serve any purpose other than boosting institutional pride?

Grade grievance and the lack of transparency in university grading systems

Grade grievance result from a lack of transparency in a university’s grading process.

The trail of leaked questions and its long-lasting impact

Question leaks are eating into our future, and it shows no sign of stopping.

Bangladeshi cricketers might be getting too much coverage

This intense limelight on The Tigers is probably not a great thing.

The problem with over-appreciating the bare minimum effort from men

Men doing the bare minimum should be acknowledged, but not applauded.

A shadow of fear looms over Puja festivities this year

Hindus around the country are gripped with the fear of being the victims of communal violence.

Champions don’t deserve to stand at the back of the line

The SAFF champions and an old tale of directors taking credit of athlete achievements.

Should patriotism be unconditional?

The idea that citizens owe unquestioned devotion and gratitude to their nation is flawed.

Why students are worried about BCL committees at private universities

BCL's excursion into private universities may be a cause for concern.