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12:00 AM, July 25, 2019 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:06 AM, July 25, 2019

The Horror Show that is FIFA 19

Ever since FUT came into the picture, the game has been a $60 freemium game if not worse. Even if you buy the game at full price or more, there’s very little chance you’ll get to play with your favourite players in FUT unless you spend hundreds of hours grinding away to get a chance at it or use your credit card. The things that are wrong with FUT are a different, much longer article altogether but what I want to focus on is how a lot of us casual fans are pretty much left out.

Re-introducing old features as new

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In FIFA 16, they “introduced” player training in career mode, something that was there in FIFA 08, which they took out and then re-launched with just the addition of skill games. And now in FIFA 20, they have Volta Football which is just FIFA Street all over again. At this point, it almost feels like Electronic Arts intentionally holds back or removes features so they can sell the same thing twice.

Goals feel worthless

Hitting the bar is not fun but sometimes you accept it because that’s how football is, right? Wrong. FIFA 19 will tell you that you must hit the bar at least four times each match for it raise the stakes. Your thirty-pass move finally found a gap in the opponent’s 3-depth drop back? You’ll pass it to the wrong person even if the direction key was pointing the right way. After your opponent has held you back for 85 minutes doing nothing but chasing you with Kante, he finally lands his only perfect sliding tackle in the game for it to just bounce up back to YOUR player for you to score a cheap goal. Welcome to FIFA.

Ignoring the community

Just go on Reddit and the EA forums. There are issues with matchmaking, balancing issues and many other problems that EA just continues to ignore. One thing the community has been railing for years is the user interface. You have to select the language EVERY TIME you start the game and press X a bunch of times until you finally get in. Simple quality of life improvements are not made simply because, I am guessing, they don’t sell FIFA Points.

Trash physics

Don’t you love it when Van Dijk’s knee bends backwards to tackle you? Or how when you trigger a run with L1 and your attacker runs straight into a CB only to crash into him then fall? Not to mention they have new buzzwords for the physics engine every year but the same old glitches. 

Superpowered A.I.

Ever played a game in Word Class difficulty? MK Dons can have a passing accuracy above 90% and they will literally defend with 11 men behind the ball.  On Legendary, the CPU actually bothers to attack, which makes the mode easier than World Class at times.

Of course people will say “Don’t buy FIFA!” and that’s not how it works. We love to recreate in the game what we see on TV and that’s how EA holds us ransom with their stack of licenses of the players, teams and the leagues. However, buy the game but don’t buy FIFA Points and especially don’t buy the Champion/Deluxe/Super Deluxe/Ronaldo/Messi/Usain Bolt Edition. Don’t buy it on launch either. If you do, you are incentivising EA to keep the game as awful as it is right now.


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