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  • Rumman R Kalam

    Rumman R Kalam is a Sub-editor at SHOUT and when he's off-duty, he likes to be a goat with opposable thumbs at Rantages. You can send him hate mail to:

  • The Forbidden Truth

    I was raised mostly by women at my household. My two sisters and mother have been supporting me from my childhood to this day. However, regarding one issue, everyone in the house would always be aloof. I remember once asking one of my sisters what a period is
  • Your news feed isn’t the world

    It’s easy to think that what you are seeing thanks to Facebook’s algorithm makes up the general opinion of the masses. Some of us
  • The (dis)United Identity

    Pages after pages have been written about Manchester United’s failure to do even the most basic of footballing things -- like buying
  • The Mediocre Millennial Creative Agency

    After winning the second runner-up slot in CreatHive 3.0, Arif, Shabab and Shiuli’s team “Game of Thrones Pun” from Institute of Creative Administration (ICA) decided they can go even further.
  • The Best Broast in Town

    No, I am not talking about fried chicken that we all know with the golden flour skin. Broast chicken is pressure fried instead of the usual deep-frying method that is used for fried chicken.