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  • Rumman R Kalam

    Rumman R Kalam is a Sub-editor at SHOUT and when he's off-duty, he likes to be a goat with opposable thumbs at Rantages. You can send him hate mail to:

  • The Root of Love

    "I don't think you know how potatoes work, Mr. Masum," I tried explaining to the bespectacled man for the umpteenth time.
  • Common CV pitfalls

    More often than not, people fret over making their CVs for that perfect first impression. In fact, a lot of people applying to SHOUT as contributors face the trouble of wondering what to put into their CVs or even what it should look like. Here we explore common pitfalls you can avoid.
  • Is it content you're looking for..

    Since the number of digital marketers grew more than their market growth, it is already being rejected as a thing of the past by
  • Snacks on a Plane

    I, Shariful Siddique Shaheb, have witnessed rains like no other man. For over four months, I have stared at the sky while it sprayed all over my face.
  • The number one skill every marketeer needs

    Advertising, especially digital, in Bangladesh looks more and more like satire with each passing day.