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    Rumman R Kalam is a Sub-editor at SHOUT and when he's off-duty, he likes to be a goat with opposable thumbs at Rantages. You can send him hate mail to:

  • Editorial

    As the newer generations (millennials, zoomers) have infinite access to knowledge that they can navigate skilfully, the experience gap we had with previous generations is narrowing each day.
  • CoD Mobile An instant classic

    Those who are into shooters had a Call of Duty phase in their lives at some point or the other.
  • Editorial

    While we grew up listening to our parents’ generation recount how many miles they walked, swam or cycled to attend school, we are often called the entitled or the “soft” generation. However, we wish our problems were as cut-and-dried like attending school, getting grades, applying for jobs and getting married.

    Right now, we’re going through an 80’s revival phase — or at least we are at the end of that phase. However, modern themes are getting a little old. It’s the same thing just updated and recycled in a lot of cases.
  • This is mine, Sujon Sixty-Nine

    “This watermelon is not for sale, sir,” said the man with the heavy moustache. He waved his arm, indicating the watermelons in front of him. “Why not take a look at these?”