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    Rumman R Kalam is a Sub-editor at SHOUT and when he's off-duty, he likes to be a goat with opposable thumbs at Rantages. You can send him hate mail to:

  • WORDS: Less is more

    While what I am about to say won’t apply to quite a few different types of writings, it addresses an issue we often face with reader submissions. A lot of us have this misconception that wordier write-ups mean that they are good.

    I always found it amazing how Eid-ul-Azha has a way of bringing the entire family together no matter what. It would always be exciting
  • The Horror Show that is FIFA 19

    Ever since FUT came into the picture, the game has been a $60 freemium game if not worse. Even if you buy the game at full price or more, there’s very little chance you’ll get to play with your favourite players in FUT unless you spend hundreds of hours grinding away
  • The Forbidden Truth

    I was raised mostly by women at my household. My two sisters and mother have been supporting me from my childhood to this day. However, regarding one issue, everyone in the house would always be aloof. I remember once asking one of my sisters what a period is
  • Your news feed isn’t the world

    It’s easy to think that what you are seeing thanks to Facebook’s algorithm makes up the general opinion of the masses. Some of us