What's your genjam persona?

Nothing gets your blood pumping like some good old-fashioned genjam, am I right? As entertaining as it may be to people all over the world, a well-publicised recent altercation involving certain cricketers revealed that genjam has a special place in every Bangladeshi's heart. Not even professional sportsmen can say no to its charm, apparently, so today we pay homage to the different personalities you see when genjam goes down.


THE OVEREAGER: Genjams are fun, but not that fun. Good luck explaining that to the overeager, however. This person is of a unique disposition. Maybe they're an adrenaline junkie, or maybe they just have a very uninteresting domestic life. Whatever the case, the overeager is always the first out of the blocks whenever trouble is afoot. They might be at the other side of the city or even in a different country. Distance isn't something that can keep them away, so they will always find a way to be where the action is. Usually an overeager is someone who has the flimsiest ties to the people involved. When they're being loud and aggressive, it's to compensate for how little their stake is in this fight. In this regard they are similar to humans of the olden days, when we'd fight just for the sake of a good brawl.


MIXED SIGNALS: This person is older than your typical genjam-goer, and also more responsible. They know the only prudent solution is to quietly resolve the issue without escalating tempers.

However, the little kid inside them is tired of conforming to societal norms and taking rational decisions. Eventually they run out of self-restraint, and egg on the situation until the verbal disagreement turns physical.

By now Mixed Signals has reined in his inner child and taken the smart decision of restoring peace. While any other person might fail, someone with that much age and experience can't help but succeed.

When all is settled, Mixed Signals strolls away, ready to covertly sabotage even more genjams.


THE NICE GUY: This person's identifying feature isn't that they're nice. What really stands out about them is how drastically different their personality is when they do not get what they want. Much like "nice guys" who can't take no for an answer.

Most people know the Nice Guy as a decent, well-mannered person. That is, until things don't go their way. When that happens, they lose it. They let out a guttural roar, start yelling at everyone in sight, rip off their shirt to establish dominance, the full moon peeks out in the sky. Oh wait, it seems they've turned into werewolves. To be fair, that isn't a bad analogy for these guys.

THE LOGICAL ONE: You probably won't know of them before the genjam takes place. When the genjam does take place, they'll probably be sulking in the corner somewhere. They're the type of people to have a drink and a rest while everyone else is yelling it out. That doesn't mean they're apathetic, however. Because when the time comes for action, they will get things done with the efficiency of a Japanese train station.

Their job doesn't end with the conclusion of said genjam. Even during times of calm, they are busy restraining The Overeager and making sure they don't do something stupid. In other words, they're the hero we need but don't deserve.


TOO OLD FOR GENJAM: As the name suggests, this is someone who should have outgrown their genjam ways by now. But they haven't. Not by a long shot. They look out of place among the hip kids, but still they don't care. They want to be a part of the yelling, the scuffles, the fighting.

When the genjam goes the right way, they also want to celebrate by some exhibitionism. Sometimes this involves dancing while wearing extremely tight shirts.

If you didn't find you genjam persona here, I'm sorry to say you play no active part in the genjam. Stop using adjectives like "bad boy" and "dangerous girl" to describe yourselves, you are unimportant in the grand scheme of genjams.


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