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  • Games where “lag” isn't an excuse

    As fun as it is to jump into a server with your friends, it feels incomplete. Even when you're on a group call with your buddies, it doesn't really feel like you're in the thick of things. If you've experienced this, then you need to detox with some good ol' local multiplayer fun. Check out the following games if you have a spare controller lying around.
  • Annoying fanbases

    Many fanbases are so bad at being fans that they might make you, a neutral observer, dislike the object of their fixation before you even know what it is. The worst are highlighted below, and I apologise in advance if you find any similarities with your own actions. I didn't want you to find out like this.
  • Umbrella modifications for monsoon

    Ah, monsoon. Who doesn't love free swimming lessons every time you leave your house. Wading through knee-deep brown water is every little boy and girl's dream, and your buddy monsoon has it covered.
  • Chicken dinner goes mobile

    From the title, you already know what game I'm talking about. PUBG is the pioneer of battle royales, and now in a surprising move it's available on Android and iOS as well. Since March 19, 2018, PUBG Mobile has graced the smallest screen while retaining much of its original charm.
  • No Murakami left behind

    In the world of fiction, one name you are bound to have come across is Haruki Murakami. With his recent surge in popularity, you can now find an assortment of Murakamis in any old bookshop. That is why now is the best time to get stuck into his works.