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  • Shopping for other people during Eid

    I'm sure you all know how much we Bangladeshis enjoy shopping. The roads being full to the brim with clusters of people should be a good enough indicator of that fact. Not all of the things we buy are for ourselves, however. In fact, a significant portion of our shopping time is spent seeking out gifts for relatives and friends. This poses a unique set of struggles, some of which are highlighted below.
  • Best Eid Natoks 2018

    Great Eid Natoks of years gone by

    Every year hundreds of new shows come out during the Eid holidays, and in the mess of things it can be difficult to decide on a show to watch to completion. Add to that the ridiculously long advertisements and the experience is downright painful.
  • Should You Share That?

    It is 2018, and mankind has collectively done so many incredible things. People have been sent to the moon, copystriked others for money, made songs about how giving and humble they are. While humanity continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, some people still struggle with some simple acts. Like deciding what to and what not to share on your social media accounts.
  • AB de Villiers Retirement

    Farewell, Mr.360

    “I have had my turn and, to be honest, I am tired.” On Wednesday, the world of cricket suffered a great loss. That was when AB de Villiers announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket.
  • Asif Zaman - The man behind the memes

    When you talk about homegrown memes, the name Asif Zaman is sure to come up. And why wouldn't it? As one of the most prolific meme-makers in Bangladesh and being the content director of Rantages, he has built a large fan base with his continuous output of top quality content. Being a fan, I was honoured when I got the opportunity to pick the brains of the man behind the memes. Following are some of the excerpts from the interview.