WASIQUE HASAN | The Daily Star

  • Do not go gentle into that good night

    I'm sprinting, trying to navigate through the maze-like tunnels of this deep mineshaft. To my hypothermic, overburdened self, the flickering matchstick makes every wall and turn look identical.
  • Making winter last

    After spending all morning getting your thick woollen blankets out and airing them out in the sun, you're finally ready to enjoy the chilly winter. Only, when you get underneath the blanket you're sweating.
  • Catching up with the BPL

    The country's biggest T20 league is taking place as we speak, but this time around it hasn't been garnering too much attention.
  • Starcraft without context

    I never understood the strategies involved in RTS games, and the few times I played, I realised spamming one type of soldier at the enemy just doesn't work. To redeem my uncultured ways, I decided to look at how the pros strategised.
  • Adventures of Appalachia

    Fans of one of the oldest RPG franchises were taken by surprise when Bethesda capped off their E3 presentation by announcing Fallout 76.