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  • ASMR for cricket fans

    Now that the World Cup is over, cricket is going to be in short supply until the Sri Lanka series. To fill the cricket itch you’re bound to have, I have compiled some YouTube channels which are practically ASMR for lovers of cricket.
  • How not to be a predictable commentator

    Cricket is a difficult sport to play but commentating on it must be even more difficult.
  • Maintaining long distance friendships

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that is truest in the context of friendships. If any of your friends have moved far enough
  • What your relatives think of your major

    One of the best parts of the Eid holidays is getting to see your loved ones. For all the people that go back to their ancestral homes,
  • Making VR more accessible

    For the longest time, the only names in VR gaming were HTC and PlayStation (PS). The Vive and PS VR had the best collection of VR games along with the best hardware to run them. Now, with the release of two new headsets from Oculus – the Quest and the Rift S – it seems