FABLE FACTORY | Page 2 | The Daily Star
  • Mute

    I don't speak from my heart, The things which cannot be said. I notice them with my brain, The little things.

  • Water for birds

    Most months in the city were hot. One competed with another. As though they were trying to see which one of them sizzled more.

  • Riddle Me

    It may be a cryptic remark, an unfinished story, Or a deathly poison disguised as a melody.

  • The Feast

    Today is hotter than the other days. The heat feels more exasperating on my black feather as black absorbs more heat. Pigeons are still flying restlessly up above where I am fully exhausted by the heat and pandemonium of this city.

  • To the Awaken Slumber

    My skeleton wrapped in this tawny skin, To Medusa, I feel akin.

  • Stay

    It had been weeks since Adil met Taranna and both of them ended up being paired up for the upcoming dance competition. Adil felt like he was only doing it since his name was unfortunate enough to be called during the draw. But as the days passed, that mindset slowly started to change.

  • Hope in a Tea Cup

    How I was writhing in pain! You used to observe me in silence, From the other side of my agony. And, here at this side, always remained amassed huff.

  • The lightning without thunder

    The sky was a sleeping shade of air-brushed grey. Ashen, pastel, grey. But soon it woke up as dark, furious clouds tempered its mood, evading its tranquillity and the sky, slowly turning deeper, duly started its tantrum.

  • Faces

    Billions of faces I see, Billions of lives, breathe, The sound of all their souls drifting through.

  • The Cat Burglar

    As I stretch out onto my bed, my eyes drooped. Master had been at “the gym” all day today, so there were no pesky interruptions in my observation of the winged rodents next door. I believe I have almost cracked their behaviour pattern and will most definitely have one of them as my captive the next time Master forgets to close the barrier between our abodes.