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  • The Remnant

    The truth behind the thoughts I find, Lying around in my disarrayed mind,


    She was sitting in a darkened room with music blaring loudly. It was some cheesy romantic song. *Ping*. It was a message notification on Facebook.

  • Ghosts

    When night falls and not a single voice is heard anywhere, I make my way to the room that now stays empty. I do not turn the lights on – oh no, I don't.

  • Beyond This Universe

    Let me ask you – are you familiar? With that kind of happiness that flows down in tears?

  • Suit

    It was no longer crisp and glossy, nor was it pressed to absolute perfection. Its charcoal grey had washed away into a dull, tired version of itself, much like its owner.

  • Faker

    I sense a bit of distrust quite dense, In those big dimples of yours,

  • Episode 24: The Insanity Island

    Thousands of miles away, a TV screen flickered as the silhouette on the sofa seemed to lay asleep, a glass bottle in one hand and a TV program brochure in the other.

  • Unrepentant

    I go on, I walk on, I am unrepentant

  • My Airborne Valentine

    “Bonjour! Bienvenue!” said the flight attendant with a smile as she checked my boarding pass. “You're right in the front. Just go straight and it will be the second seat on your right. Enjoy your flight with French Air.” Thanking her, I made my way as directed.

  • The Fall of the Curtain

    There was a time when I used to live on a stage with ten other people. There wasn't an audience watching us but we weren't trying to please anyone. We were simply taking part in a play with