FABLE FACTORY | Page 2 | The Daily Star
  • A proposal gone wrong

    Brian stood in front of the mirror brushing his hair backwards and making it as sleek as possible. He straightened his tie and rehearsed his lines, “Maria, will you marry me?”

  • 1992

    “It was the summer of 1992. I had arrived in Dhaka city from the outskirts in search for a living. Despite having no clue of what to do, I was hopeful. You won't understand. It was a different time; a different city.

  • Arrivals

    I was looking down at the reflections on the freshly waxed linoleum floors. The volume of the reflection kept increasing. I looked up to see the bundle of people huddled over the huge glass doors with “ARRIVAL” written on top.

  • The Burning Tree

    Are you coming to the burning tree? Where they strung up a witch - Who they say murdered three.

  • The best court in the world

    Aung lives with her father in a lush, hilly district of a coastal division where narrow concrete roads bleed through the green, rising hills, twisting and turning.

  • The Man with Beauty

    Before the birds rise, while the city's at rest, before someone hits his dream road, he's awake and active, preparing their road to be walked on.

  • JINX

    Stainless steel spoon, Dishwasher detergents, Angle of convergence, Ohnos!

  • The Tree

    There is a window in this room, And outside a chestnut tree alive and happy.


    A corner of a worn cricket poster fluttered as the ceiling fan slowly creaked away, failing miserably to drown out the voices beyond the door. Raiyan fidgeted with the cables of his earbuds that came free with a tube of toothpaste. Disentangling them did nothing to help the fact that the right ear wouldn't work.

  • The Flame

    Clouds have darkened the otherwise blue sky, like unwelcome guests, making it impossible for the sun to have its way. It is a relief to think that the scorching heat that usually makes its way through the bustling Dhaka streets won't torment anyone today.