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  • The Root of Love

    "I don't think you know how potatoes work, Mr. Masum," I tried explaining to the bespectacled man for the umpteenth time.

  • A Camera Captured It

    A camera captured it, My smile and yours, Ten months ago —

  • Red Smoke

    I appear like red smoke, Annihilating your senses, smothering your gaze.

  • Superman

    Kabir was halfway across his second cup of tea when a sudden noise made him knock the cup across the table, and some of though tea cascaded straight into his lap as well.


    Crows, cawing through the dead trees, Dogs barking around the pitch roads knitted with dark memories.

  • Free

    Where the stars aren't at fault, Where rivers don't flow into the sea,

  • Home

    “I'm sorry, Ma'am, but we're closing now.” I look up to see Timothy, a student on scholarship who worked part time in this cafe, standing a few feet away from my table, with his hands folded politely behind him.

  • Inner Kindling

    Hi! My name is Bucks! Well, that is what everyone calls me out of deep affection and love. I hail from the rich, fecund soil of Brazil. The land where I am from, there is a gigantic dormant volcano, which has been inactive for a few centuries.

  • Under The City Lights

    Under the neon city lights I stand, Among the mass of people who never notice me.

  • A Haircut

    Grey uniform, Speaking gibberish.

  • An Escape

    Navid shivered. Drops of cold sweat trickled down his forehead. The marble bench felt colder than death. He agitatedly tapped his fingers on his knees. “How long have I been sitting here?” he wondered. He glanced at the bruise on his wrist where his watch used to be.

  • The snake that fell ill

    Back when the river used to zigzag through the village's green skin like a sky blue snake and uninvited things did not invade the ambience, Anjum would drive his cattle to the water body for temporary relief from the unbearable heat. His daughter Roop would follow him too on the holidays; sometimes even skip school for this activity.

  • Through the frosty lane

    There was once a boy who looked towards, The distant, frozen skies,

  • Earl's Dream

    It had been more than a few weeks; Mana Walker had been receiving phone calls from an unknown user. Although a little annoyed, he was highly curious to know who his caller was. Interestingly, the person used to call with unmistakable precision, exactly at 2 am and never talked.

  • The Grim Reaper

    On your last breath you feel, His dark cloak fluttering with the wind. A cold whisper with satire, Grim Reaper says, “Finally we meet.”

  • Wither away

    My name's Julian Thomas. Strange name for a man, I always thought. Although, these are stranger circumstances under which I'm telling you this story. My hat is dripping wet and I can't even carry the weight of my drenched clothes any more. The finger yearns to make the final push. Yet still, I need to get this off my chest.

  • Robbers of innocence

    Mira delighted herself with dadu's poetry as she sat by the window of their hut. She glanced beyond the gold dusted harvest, reaching her hand out to the cotton candy clouds. “What are you doing?” Poorna giggled as she scrutinised her dearest friend's dazed face.

  • Feather-tales

    The wind will never whisper some stories, The stones will rather quietly bury them,

  • Helm of the Kraken

    Mokbul always prided himself to be a level headed person, a little more intelligent than the rest of his fellow fishermen, especially those of his own crew. When the drought had cursed the river, he was the one to suggest taking up alternative ventures, like construction work for the land owners or the share business.

  • 00:01

    The stars keep me up at night, It's me and my broken compass, sometimes.

  • Kindness

    “Please help him, mama,” I hear in Chottu's voice. I open my eyes even though it seems to take everything in me to do so. Chottu is begging with his hands joined in front of a stranger.

  • Vengeance

    All my life they made me believe, I'll sit idle, watching them leave, All my life they've told, I'll get ashes, they'll get gold.

  • The Basement

    It was the 19th of May when we moved into this house. The previous owners had moved out because their second child, Anthony, was missing. I had a very bad feeling about moving in to this house at first, but when I told my parents they told me it was all about the way I was taking things.

  • Snacks on a Plane

    I, Shariful Siddique Shaheb, have witnessed rains like no other man. For over four months, I have stared at the sky while it sprayed all over my face.

  • The power of music

    It was an ordinary summer afternoon. It was one of those days in the middle of July when the sun's scorching heat burnt so brightly, everyone questioned how poet's ever came up with romantic poems about the season.

  • The Bookshelf

    A mysterious set of stories, A part of something meaninglessly true,

  • Falling

    A shameless, raw feeling, Looking over my shoulder, for a glimpse back.

  • Breathe

    Hot tears crept down my cheeks as I looked around with eyes red and swollen. The room seemed to be closing in on me. It was dark, almost spooky. Near the ceiling, a thin ray of sunlight was streaming in through a small slit that barely passed for a window.

  • A Queen's Game

    She rolls the dice and it's a seven, In a game of chess, like an ace of spade. She counts all the daggers you throw at her, And repays them with a dazzling smile and fresh blood.

  • I'll Keep You Safe

    In a small building, underneath the bright red sky, a woman stood looking out the window. She wore a very tired expression on her face. Someone who had seen so much of the world at its worst times and felt like she had enough of it. But there was still one thing that acted as an anchor for her between this world and insanity.