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  • Beauty in Little Things

    Mrinmoy lwas trying to figure out why she suddenly brought it up at 3 in the morning.

  • What “Liberation” Means to me?

    My motherland, Bangladesh was liberated from the Pakistani autocrats on 16th December 1971 sacrificing 3 million lives and 9 months of the blood-shed war. After 49 years of freedom, our nation has progressed technologically and economically but freedom from hunger, freedom from corruption, and education for all are yet to be achieved.

  • What Liberation Means To Me

    The word “liberation” is one that has a very broad meaning. The meaning of it has many aspects, and is not only confined to the political context. One might be born in a liberated nation, but may not necessarily lead a liberated life. To me, the meaning of liberation is a combination of freedom of expression, personal empowerment and freedom from social stereotyping.

  • The Day I Walk Free

    Liberation- The act of being set free from a state of imprisonment.


    The night calls out with blaring horns, Trucks and buses and uncompromising scorns,

  • In Quest of Lost Melody

    I remember walking with you While my feet glided lazily

  • FEAR

    She looks so at peace when she’s asleep. Hair sprawled across the pillow, lips slightly pursed, brows unfurrowed. She always sleeps straight and, on her back, like a dead body in a morgue.

  • Two Colours in My Head

    As the sun grew hotter and the spots touched his closed eyelids, he slowly fluttered them open.

  • Four Chambered Walls

    The alarm went off just as the dawn broke through the corner of the indigo shaded curtains; 6:45 AM, 24th October, Saturday. Same as yesterday, the day before that, the entirety of October, call it a few months even.

  • Aura

    Sometimes I wonder what my favorite aura is like, and I think it’s sunny but mellow,

  • Small

    There was once a girl Who called herself a friend

  • Washed Away

    He stood alone, motionless.

  • The Intangible Ceiling

    The most wicked standards are the ones we create for ourselves.

  • Memories

    “How long will the whole procedure take, doctor?”

  • Did You Sing?

    Do hearts have strings? For, Lord! They can play!

  • Untitled, 2018

    A pencil bag was found in the examination hall no. 3 on Sunday.

  • Stringed

    The lights dim as my will to live brightens. It's Thursday, which means I'll get a good night's sleep.

  • Ode to Chaos

    Chaos! Take me. Obliterate me.

  • Rainwater Tea

    Do we measure the leaves first? Or do we pour the water?

  • Baghdad Diaries

    The elevator door wheezes open after a high-pitched ping and I step inside, looking at the tip of my shoes while others flood in behind me.

  • Hair Fall Horror

    We regret and regret all the hair that's been shed.

  • Memoir of a Songbird Named Childhood

    I've always loved painting sunset as it was filled with so many colours. I loved colours. I'd use as many colours as I could to make the paintings alive.

  • Monstrous Scallipses

    Monstrous Scallipses only comes out during the night,

  • Teascape

    Zainab took the cup in her hands and flinched when the heat burned into her fingers. She brought it to her lips, tasting the flavour.

  • Solitude and Company

    The emptiness in all its glorious necromancy Falls prey to silence and its sole command.

  • New game or exit?

    Al drew his last breaths as his consciousness drifted into a cold, silent, yet uncomfortable abyss.

  • You are beautiful, Dhaka

    Today, as I hail a rickshaw and as it slowly paddles across an alley and then flits out onto a busy road, my mother's word echoes along with my little silver jhumkas in the air. And thus starts my game.

  • The Sunset

    The celestial light, burning my skin; Reminding me how to feel, ridding me of all sin.

  • Building of Life

    If it wasn't for the building with the lit up windows, she may have faded into the nothingness that wallowed around her.

  • Bottles of Waves

    Mr. Hakim was a very strange man for three things: he seldom spoke, he always smiled and he sold bottles of waves.