FABLE FACTORY | The Daily Star

    A corner of a worn cricket poster fluttered as the ceiling fan slowly creaked away, failing miserably to drown out the voices beyond the door. Raiyan fidgeted with the cables of his earbuds that came free with a tube of toothpaste. Disentangling them did nothing to help the fact that the right ear wouldn't work.

  • The Flame

    Clouds have darkened the otherwise blue sky, like unwelcome guests, making it impossible for the sun to have its way. It is a relief to think that the scorching heat that usually makes its way through the bustling Dhaka streets won't torment anyone today.


    Tridents of assentation, Never cease to bother me,

  • Dead Man's Tale

    The soldiers stood with their heads hung low and weapons sheathed, the colours of their uniform clashing just like they did not so long ago. The same people who were trying to pry open each other's throats stood shoulder to shoulder under the common denominator of grief and shock.

  • Stargazers

    “Honey, can we stop here for a while? I need to catch my breath. My 60 year old body is not built for this much walking,” said the man as he gulped a whole flask of water.

  • Cliché

    When you enter the room I get no waves or nods, But I hear silent hellos in the sound of your footsteps slowing down

  • Grace

    When I was a child, I had a family of dolls. They lived in a little white dollhouse, with a blood-red roof and blue windows.

  • Way Back Home

    I'm lost in this path I've been to before, Running, chasing my own shadow.

  • The Gitchy Gitchy Goop

    Seven thousand sins Inside little bins.


    At this moment, it feels like I'm watching you from afar. Like through a hollow, dim tunnel that only sheds light over every detail of you.


    There is a woman that resides in my heart, She is unlike anyone I've ever met.

  • Nocturnal

    In the mirror blotched from years of use and obscured under the layer formed from accumulated smoke and dust, Asiah glanced at her own reflection; blurred, and beaten down.

  • Puppy's Flower

    She closes her doors like the mimosa plant when touched. She brings the oxygen to breathe but hides away when exposed. As much as the scorching sun and the heavy rain make things demeaning, she helps bring happiness through the nectars she pollinates.

  • The Metaphor

    It has been two years since I, a naive, aspiring soul, had applied for the post of the manager of this famous writer.

  • The Pianist

    Eyes closed, with a breath of ice, Her fingers glide upon the ivory keys.

  • Family and others

    Just as he was about to call out for someone, a middle aged man with a fluttering mess of greyish hair strode in with a blue file in hand. Shafkat cursed himself for not being able to recall his name.

  • Long time, no see

    “Can you please press 10,” said a petite young woman as she rushed into the elevator. Her hair was all over her face and it seemed liked she'd been running. She must be late for something.

  • Letters to the past

    There was a thought, a question, Perhaps a doubt somewhere in my mind. What are those things and beliefs That I have left behind?

  • Moving out

    There's no missing home, if you've found one within you It ends how it begins and begins just the same, Today, I'm happy to be here.

  • Soliloquy of a Chess Pawn

    The sword in my hand glared at me. I looked at my timorous figure in the shiny foible, and bluntly saw the Queen of The Whites in her regal bearings and magisterial beauty stand behind me.

  • Requiem for a Confession

    In your mind, a seed of doubt, Will grow into a tree, Cut it down, don't let it sprout, Then go and set it free.

  • Soliloquy of a Chess Pawn

    The sword in my hand glared at me. I looked at my timorous figure in the shiny foible, and bluntly saw the Queen of The Whites in her regal bearings and magisterial beauty stand behind me.


    I'm a black cloaked figure, passing through the crowd, They would never notice or know what I'm all about.

  • Surveillance

    Today wasn't a very productive work day. From what I'm observing, it seems like she was out all day because she still has a nice outfit on and her makeup's almost melted.

  • FOG

    There is fog here, I cannot see.

  • Left Facing Arrow

    “You won't believe what happened today. I deem myself a deeply uninteresting person with an almost uniform detachment from the mystic and mundane events occurring periodically around me, so when my mother tried to

  • The Evening Star

    I rushed towards my little bed And lay down by the window pane.

  • Utopia

    We took a train to stop at this place we never knew, We took a step ahead for an overview.

  • Space Turtle

    The plastic bag was somehow separated from its diverse herd floating in the Caribbean. After the separation, it became a lone traveller, a sea nomad. Its pearly white, transparent skin blessed it with the feature of a jellyfish.

  • The Unknown

    Think about the past, The deeds you must own.