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  • Blur

    Anik blames the alarm on his phone for failing to wake him up at 7 AM despite him snoozing it 3 times. He decided to skip shower since it will take him at least an hour to reach his office in Gulshan from his home in Shegun Bagicha thanks to the morning traffic. He

  • The Hills of Bandarban

    The hills of Bandarban, The emerald slopes,

  • Abby’s Dream

    Once there lived a girl called Abby Rocket. She was a very good girl and everything she did, she did it with all her heart.

  • The writer and his muse

    Luna scrutinised the twenty-nine page long script with yearning eyes, waiting to find herself laced amidst the phrases.

  • An Ode to a Lifelong Friend

    Tonight, Mother put her arms around me And she hugged me tight,


    “The winter was too chilling. And blank, somehow. In the background, there was no blaring music, and the morning felt like someone had taken the salt out of an almost perfect chotpoti.

  • City of Strangers

    Hello, dear old friend. Even after so many years you never fail to marvel me through your surprising change of attire at the transition from day to night. We are no longer strangers, not after the countless sleepless nights we shared, though sometimes I cannot help wishing


    I used to feel sad for him. Worried about him for hours and hours when he vanished and wouldn’t return. He went missing for two days once.

  • A Silent Uproar

    She was sitting on her bed, by the window, when she suddenly realised someone was singing. She recognised that song. She turned around and saw her mom folding her favorite green scarf and singing.

  • Dhaka

    We wake up as the sun begins to rise, To a city that once was swarmed with cars,

  • The Parcels

    Disheveled, my hair uncombed,

  • The Taste of Malta Chaa

    Malta chaa literally translates to orange tea. But the very essence of it cannot be felt only by savoring it in street corners.

  • Dawn and Diatribe

    The paper I slept on clung to the corner of my mouth. My mouth felt bitter, as if the protagonist in my story had just been betrayed by the love of his life.


    The attempted music floating out of the barbershop was positively ghastly, but I had no choice other than to keep approaching it.

  • Notre-Dame

    The first time around, I only saw your front façade.

  • Sand by the Sea

    I feel like the sand by the sea Picked up by a little girl.

  • Her Mother’s Grave

    I looked at my watch. It was five past ten in the afternoon. The spring gust was a little shivering. The sound of wind came along with a sound of crunching leaves.

  • No Escape

    The oaks stand in silence, They hide a few Victorian houses.

  • …for our children

    It was a regular Wednesday. I was sitting in an auto-rickshaw, feeling like I was being roasted under the Dhaka sun, waiting for the traffic to get moving.

  • Reunion in a Metropolitan Mess

    The crumbling two storey house is flanked by an apartment building on one side. Just a few days ago, the house on the other side met

  • Black But Beautiful

    She waits in her ebony grace, ever so silently


    The guard has fallen asleep, indicating that finally my chance to escape has come. I stare intently at him to be assured with certainty that he is asleep, as there is no room for mistakes tonight.


    Growing up watching my favourite cartoon characters go to educational institutions and engage in all sorts of cool stuff, made me excited to go to school. I was so not ready for disappointment.

  • Flight

    What if I had a ticket, But not to board a plane,

  • The monster under the bed

    Every day that I wake up, I thank God for the daylight. Because daylight means that he will finally leave and I'll be able to roam around the room freely.

  • Writer's Block

    My pen did not run out of ink. My computer was still working.

  • The one where Jannat sees her namesake

    It took not only one but two crows to herald the arrival of death. As they settled themselves, their talons rough against the cool of the wires shooting out like rail tracks in air from the transformer's crown, the transformer seemed to take great offence.

  • Moon and the Maiden

    Yesterday night, I was watching the sky, The moon was shining, a big golden eye.


    I only wanted to leave, Leave the house behind, The dull winter, the life I knew.


    She was sitting in a darkened room with music blaring loudly. It was some cheesy romantic song. *Ping*. It was a message notification on Facebook.