Fable Factory / Delirium

The wish itself was pretty mediocre and commonplace, a mundane fantasy to escape the mundane.

Curtain call

The curtain rises, silence engulfs the theatre,

Fable Factory / A broken goddess

She is broken but she is fine.

The Last Man in the Janaza

“You’re 20 minutes late, there’s no way I’m letting you in,” Dr Faisal said in a cold voice with a smirk on the corner of his face. His smirk is one coated with joy and glory.

Mundane thoughts of a house robot

“Eat, My darling, or else your goulash will become cold”

Short story / Jhalmuri for the hollowed in-between

“Extra ghugni, no chilis,” he confirmed, his cyber-enhanced eyes ever judging.

The Bee and the Crow

Hide yourself in my feathers, and I’m sure we can look for them together…

The Lies We Tell at Funerals

Death has always been there.

What do your eyes see?

I can see well with my eyes


But in this lifetime, we'll never know what we could've become.

Dreams I Dare Not Dream

For hope is when I dream those dreams I dared not dream.

Explorations on Time

I used to wear my minutes as accessories and now the minutes wear me.


It was planned that Thanatos would remain on Earth for three years.


The crow flew past Kaiser and sat on a fence to get a closer look at Kaiser’s crying face.

Three Wishes

It’s never the things that matter.

Fish Tank

This is just another fish tank.