FABLE FACTORY | The Daily Star
  • Sentience

    As the wooden doors swung closed behind us I peered up at the patrons. Forkrul was right after all, it was packed in here.


    Pearls scattered on the floor, pictures are taped, My walls are painted blue, my nails are red.

  • Escapee

    My eyes fly open, and I bolt up, my heart still racing. It takes me more than a moment to realise that it had been just a dream. Just. A. Dream.

  • Lost hopes

    His breath is the first thing to stir the stale air here in eons. As he lays down on the dusty bench he tries to envision what this place once represented: a sea of expectation and hope.

  • Dysphoria

    You can see it in these eyes, I am here no more, Just a hollow vessel lingering, that a soul once bore.


    The window itself of the shop is beautiful. Lined by a sliver of golden, the stunning wide glass pane reflects me back.

  • Circles

    This was going to be quick. She knew it; it had to be.


    The teabags look at the boiling water, My mind takes its place.

  • Cat in the forest

    The clouded leopard stretched its limbs and yawned as though it was tired for losing itself deep into the waves of a comfortable slumber. The dark patches scattered like oceanic

  • Nostalgia

    It has been raining, They fall like petals,

  • Reflections

    Another year passed, another year missed. My own musings would crack me up at times, quite literally. I stood on the corner of Farmgate, near the police box, wondering how the next year would pan out.

  • Crow's Eye View

    It was gone. All of it, morphed into a long line of logs, dried twigs and dead leaves in just two days and two nights on both sides of the streets. And the humans call us 'bad omens'. HAH!


    “Hey, what are you up to?” The person that the question was directed to looked up from a bunch of papers in front of her. “Please, don't disturb me. I'm trying to write”, said the woman clearly annoyed.

  • Poetic Distress


    To the sinister that scorns every rose I pick,

  • The Tree of Fears

    A slice of fear took its place in my heart, Like a seedling that nobody should nurture.

  • A proposal gone wrong

    Brian stood in front of the mirror brushing his hair backwards and making it as sleek as possible. He straightened his tie and rehearsed his lines, “Maria, will you marry me?”

  • If Only

    He laid there in bed. Motionless and numb. His eyes stared at the ceiling, but his mind was elsewhere. How long might he have been lying there? A few minutes? A couple of hours? Days? No it couldn't have been days, but why does it feel like he has been there for days?

  • Radio Hearts

    When did we end up with such radio hearts: A heart that only tunes to what it likes,

  • 1992

    “It was the summer of 1992. I had arrived in Dhaka city from the outskirts in search for a living. Despite having no clue of what to do, I was hopeful. You won't understand. It was a different time; a different city.

  • Arrivals

    I was looking down at the reflections on the freshly waxed linoleum floors. The volume of the reflection kept increasing. I looked up to see the bundle of people huddled over the huge glass doors with “ARRIVAL” written on top.

  • The Burning Tree

    Are you coming to the burning tree? Where they strung up a witch - Who they say murdered three.

  • The best court in the world

    Aung lives with her father in a lush, hilly district of a coastal division where narrow concrete roads bleed through the green, rising hills, twisting and turning.

  • The Man with Beauty

    Before the birds rise, while the city's at rest, before someone hits his dream road, he's awake and active, preparing their road to be walked on.

  • JINX

    Stainless steel spoon, Dishwasher detergents, Angle of convergence, Ohnos!

  • The Tree

    There is a window in this room, And outside a chestnut tree alive and happy.


    A corner of a worn cricket poster fluttered as the ceiling fan slowly creaked away, failing miserably to drown out the voices beyond the door. Raiyan fidgeted with the cables of his earbuds that came free with a tube of toothpaste. Disentangling them did nothing to help the fact that the right ear wouldn't work.

  • The Flame

    Clouds have darkened the otherwise blue sky, like unwelcome guests, making it impossible for the sun to have its way. It is a relief to think that the scorching heat that usually makes its way through the bustling Dhaka streets won't torment anyone today.


    Tridents of assentation, Never cease to bother me,

  • Dead Man's Tale

    The soldiers stood with their heads hung low and weapons sheathed, the colours of their uniform clashing just like they did not so long ago. The same people who were trying to pry open each other's throats stood shoulder to shoulder under the common denominator of grief and shock.

  • Stargazers

    “Honey, can we stop here for a while? I need to catch my breath. My 60 year old body is not built for this much walking,” said the man as he gulped a whole flask of water.