Curtain call

Photo: Orchid Chakma

The curtain rises,

Silence engulfs the theatre,

All eyes fixed on her.


A lone figure stands,

Centre stage with bated breath,

Heart pounding, shaking.


A sea of faces,

In anticipation held,

For the grand debut.


A soft drumming beat,

From the orchestra below,

Sets the stage aglow.


Words churn the play,

A world of make-believe spun,

Enrapturing all.


Tension builds and ebbs,

Emotions raw, bittersweet,

The story unfolds.


The performer glides,

Across the boards with such grace,

Transfixed, the crowd stares.


The plot thickens fast,

A drama of love and loss,

And twisted kismet.


A grand finale.

Audience too stunned to speak,

A magic spell cast.


She takes a last bow,

The curtains fall to applause,

The show ends in bliss.