Things to consider when choosing a minor specialisation

Your minor specialisation should be aligned with your professional and personal goals.

Anime music helped me study for A levels. Here’s how

I repeated the process throughout what time was left, playing a different tune for every question paper.

Critical thinking in our curriculum: Too much or too little?

Critical thinking has always been emphasised heavily in education and with good reason.

Why we should include philosophy in our curriculum

As more students opt for STEM subjects for its financial prospects, the importance of liberal arts is shrinking.

The case for studying law

The word “lawyer” might invoke certain scenes and images in our minds.

What it takes to get into DU A unit

Dhaka University’s A unit is the path that leads to studying engineering, pure science, life science, etc.

How Dhaka University feels without street vendors

This decision has altered the campus experience for students.

A guide to applying for undergraduate programs in the United States

Applying to universities in the United States is a confusing, exhausting, and painful experience.

Applying to universities abroad: myth busting for parents

As application season draws near, here are some of the most common myths debunked.

DU and BUET only Bangladeshi unis in QS Sustainability Rankings

This ranking is being published for the first time this year.

Looking down on hard work

People tend to romanticise talent and disregard hard work.

Can English medium students get into public universities? Yes!

The struggle for English medium students is high when trying to get into public universities.

Teachers and their obsession with respect

Perhaps it is a point of pride for teachers that their students revere, or even fear, them.

What it really means to be a tutor

Even seasoned tutors face a lot of struggles from time to time, which is absolutely normal.

BUET student becomes first Bangladeshi Global Winner of Global Undergraduate Awards

Zareen Tasneem Sharif is the first Bangladeshi to achieve this feat, aka the 'Junior Nobel'.

Will academic concessions lead to more trouble for O/A level students?

Academic concessions may backfire for students in the long run.

The unwanted necessity of coaching centres

Given the current quality of education, a lion’s share of students needs extra guidance to understand complex topics.

Unicef voices concern over attacks on teachers

Expressing concerns over the recent attacks on teachers in Bangladesh, Unicef has called for ensuring their safety and security.