Ziba Mahdi

We should care more about online privacy

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A case for community service in the education system

Community service would not only be an excellent addition to our education system but it would also benefit local communities in desperate need of help.

How the power crisis is affecting the youth

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Striking a balance between work and life

Touted as an antidote to burnouts and key to increased productivity, the work-life balance is an elusive state or the mythical “best of both worlds” that many aspire to.

Why People Romanticise the 2000s

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Sales methods to suit your online clothing business

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Groupthink, individualism, and how social media contributes to both

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What if we had a four-day school week?

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5 David Fincher Movies You Should Watch If You Haven’t Already

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Evolution of a Slob to a Neat Freak

There’s nothing wrong with being a slob. As long as you can find your stuff in your dumpster of a room, who is your messiness actually hurting? (Your mom doesn’t count). Besides, with a pandemic going strong, it’s not like you have to worry about someone coming over and witnessing the pigsty you live in.

Why Old Barbie Movies are Superior

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Cruella: Enough Originality to Entertain Everyone

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9 Tips to Curb Online Shopping Addiction

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