Anime music helped me study for A levels. Here’s how

I repeated the process throughout what time was left, playing a different tune for every question paper.

Critical thinking in our curriculum: Too much or too little?

Critical thinking has always been emphasised heavily in education and with good reason.

Opinion / How corruption is perpetuated across generations in Bangladesh

This is not surprising in a country where adolescents are generally discouraged from thinking about politics and social issues, because these supposedly only concern adults.

Is studying with slides making us learn less?

Are slides making us look away from textbooks and in depth learning?

How to get your HSC answer scripts rechecked

A step by step guide on getting HSC scripts rechecked.

The problems of admission coaching

The most vital time in a Bangladeshi student's life is also the most problematic.

The trade-off between school and private

The dilemma arises due to significant structural failures, and in reality, it's a choice only for some.

Including reproductive health in the NCTB curriculum is a step in the right direction

The discussion of reproductive health is still considered a taboo in our society.

The inclusion of gender studies in our national curriculum is commendable

When faced with stereotypes that are completely ungrounded, we have to turn to our education system to talk about topics like gender studies.

Our education system needs to deal with sectarianism better

Communal and nationalistic expressions in our education system are not uncommon.

Applying to universities abroad: myth busting for parents

As application season draws near, here are some of the most common myths debunked.

DU and BUET only Bangladeshi unis in QS Sustainability Rankings

This ranking is being published for the first time this year.

Looking down on hard work

People tend to romanticise talent and disregard hard work.