Things to consider when choosing a minor specialisation

Your minor specialisation should be aligned with your professional and personal goals.

Anime music helped me study for A levels. Here’s how

I repeated the process throughout what time was left, playing a different tune for every question paper.

Critical thinking in our curriculum: Too much or too little?

Critical thinking has always been emphasised heavily in education and with good reason.

Why we should include philosophy in our curriculum

As more students opt for STEM subjects for its financial prospects, the importance of liberal arts is shrinking.

The case for studying law

The word “lawyer” might invoke certain scenes and images in our minds.

What it takes to get into DU A unit

Dhaka University’s A unit is the path that leads to studying engineering, pure science, life science, etc.

How Dhaka University feels without street vendors

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A guide to applying for undergraduate programs in the United States

Applying to universities in the United States is a confusing, exhausting, and painful experience.

The need for women-only scholarships

To address this "double standard," the thin line between equality and equity needs to be understood.

How corruption is perpetuated across generations in Bangladesh

This is not surprising in a country where adolescents are generally discouraged from thinking about politics and social issues, because these supposedly only concern adults.

The effects of long-term cramming

Cramming can often be the only way a person knows how to study.

Is studying with slides making us learn less?

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How to get your HSC answer scripts rechecked

A step by step guide on getting HSC scripts rechecked.

The problems of admission coaching

The most vital time in a Bangladeshi student's life is also the most problematic.

The trade-off between school and private

The dilemma arises due to significant structural failures, and in reality, it's a choice only for some.

Including reproductive health in the NCTB curriculum is a step in the right direction

The discussion of reproductive health is still considered a taboo in our society.

I hate online classes, here’s why

Technological advancement is not in sync with tech literacy of our teachers.

Are private universities ready for a two-semester system?

The scenario here has been nothing but rushed and confusing.