Stars on the rise

Stars on the rise

Settling the debate

The team from Bangladesh broke third, right after India and the USA.

3w ago

Team Bangladesh secures 3 gold medals in IMDO 2023

This year, team Bangladesh secured the first place globally, and won three gold and one silver medal. The winners include Naimul Islam, from Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Ture Saina Tithi, from Mulagram High School, Brahmanbaria, Mst. Samia Afrose Sruty, from Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka, and Md Sanaul Haque Shanto respectively.

4w ago

14-year-old makes Marvel props at home

Shukonna Barua Prapti, an 11-year-old student of London Grace International School, is a huge fan of Marvel movies.

Bangladeshi school students bag first prize at NASA Space Settlement Contest 2023

Six students from DPS STS School Dhaka secured first place at the NASA Space Settlement Contest 2023.

YOUNG ACHIEVER / A promising star of karate

From the age of 10, Marzan Akter Priya knew that her calling in life is karate. She used to watch seniors and juniors in karate training from a window in her classroom. However, she did not pluck up the courage to join them because such activities were strictly prohibited in her household.

YOUNG ACHIEVER / Faatiha’s earnest mission of combatting climate change

Faatiha Aayat is a Bangladeshi writer, child rights activist, and climate campaigner living in New York, USA.

11-year-old Toky Yasar Ayman’s earnest tribute to Sheikh Russel

Eleven-year-old Toky Yasar Ayman has impressed one and all with his melodious voice.  He recently partnered up with renowned singer and lyricist Shafiq Tuhin for the duet song, “Sheikh Russeler Kanna”.

Bangladeshi students win first and second prizes at Int’l Virtual Debate Festival Quiz

Oman Jafar and Sneha Mahjabin, two Bangladeshi students, have bagged the first and second prizes in the World Quiz Competition of the International Virtual Debate Festival, held in Bangladesh.

Skipping towards Guinness World Records

Skipping is a playground staple for people of all ages. Rasel Islam, a teenager from Thakurgaon, has commandeered the sport with two Guinness World Records to his name.