Rab DG’s tenure extended by one year

Chiefs of both Rab and police are now appointed on contract basis

Implementing Sdg 7 / Powering progress through clean energy

Imagine a 187-feet tall tower with a 55-tonne steel dome on top. At first, it seems like a structure from a future base on the planet Mars. But the Wardenclyffe Tower is not an abstraction from the future.

Prioritising e-government procurement for vision 2021 and beyond

Transparency, fair competition and accountability are three defining features of an efficient public procurement system. Until 2011,

CPI 2018: Zero tolerance to criticism is not the answer

First launched in 1995, by the Berlin-based organisation Transparency International (TI), the annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) has put the issue of corruption on the global agenda.

Why criminal justice reform is a must

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has recently directed prison authorities to engage inmates in commercial production as a means of rehabilitation; her words were echoed by Iqbal Hasan, an additional Inspector General of prisons,

The problem with our tax system

On November 13, 2018 at the inaugural programme of the weeklong Income Tax Fair, Finance Minister AMA Muhith wondered why only one crore people pay taxes as the number could easily be four crore.