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  • The long battle against militancy

    The actual and potential damage caused by religious militancy or the so-called 'Islamist violence' can no longer be brushed aside in our parlance. Owing to factors both internal and external, this writer believes that even the pragmatic objective of marginalising religious militancy would actually be an awesome task, not to speak of eliminating religiously motivated violence. The reasons for such a view are grounded in reality.

  • Only social media cannot influence law enforcement

    The heightened media response and public outcry prompted by the rape of two girls at a Banani hotel in Dhaka city deserves

  • The unresolved Taqi-Tonu-Mitu cases

    Urder has always been the most grievous and heinous of all criminal offences in any society. Every civilised society intends to inflict

  • Independent judiciary a must for democracy

    Wise politicians and erudite jurists have time and again observed that an independent judiciary is the very heart of a republic.

  • Babul's ordeal and our faltering institutions

    The heart-rending episode of Mohammad Babul's 25-years-long imprisonment and acquittal thereafter without the charge being proved as reported in the media is by all means an indelible slur on our civilised existence.

  • The cost of honesty

    The humiliating spectacle of the uprooting of the nameplate of an Assistant Commissioner of Customs at his Chittagong office, allegedly by enraged clearing and forwarding agents, along with the transfer of the said official in indecent haste, has unfortunately not evoked the desired reaction.

  • Police Week 2017: Of police professional

    Police Week 2017 commences from today. It is time to once again dwell on the imperative of police professionalism because to ensure good governance, maintenance of public order and peace are preconditions. In doing so, the rule of law is facilitated that characterises a democratic society.

  • Forestalling extrajudicial killings

    A democratic polity venturing to maintain order by repression and criminality is actually creating ultimate disorder because in so doing it creates a link between social order and atrocities.

  • Schoolbag, judicial activism and the deficits

    We commend the Apex Court for their timely and sensitive decision to limit the weight of school bags that students are forced to carry, due to ever increasing number of books, notebooks and other material.

  • Beyond policing: Two sterling examples

    In big business and commercial parlance, one comes across the now familiar concept of 'Corporate Social Responsibility' (CSR) that, in real terms consists of promotional activities geared to improving the acceptability and image of an organisation.