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  • Sparrows hiding in the leaves

    Nature Quest: The Den of Sparrows

    Every afternoon, thousands of sparrows from different areas of Pirojpur town congregate in a little banyan tree in Pirojpur Old Bus Terminal.

  • Pankouri flock in Sirajganj

    Nature Quest: Pankouri's place

    Seeing the little cormorants flying in the sky in their thousands and feeding their chicks in their little nests on treetops can be a

  • Nature Quest: The firetree

    I go for a photography outing whenever I can, frequenting Ramna Park the most, as it is closest to my house. Next to Ramna, lies the

  • Nature Quest: Guardian tree of Faridpur

    Caught in the mosaic of day-to-day concerns, it's not always that one can appreciate the bigger picture: how much the future is with

  • Nature Quest: It's all but gone

    Spider, snake and scorpion: all creatures, regardless of how attractive or appealing they are to the human eye, are worthy of

  • Nature Quest: Blessings of Bohal

    I escape from this concrete jungle called Dhaka whenever I can. Living in this unplanned city for a length of time renders one listless.

  • Nature Quest: Songs of seclusion

    Every morning a sweet cacophony of songs signals the rise of the sun in a corner of Saheber Haat village under Barisal Sadar upazila. This

  • Nature Quest: Madaripur monkeys vanishing

    In the 1950s there were as many as 50,000 rhesus macaques that called Madaripur town home. The rhesus macaque is one of the

  • Nature Quest: Eden of egrets

    Unlike winter, monsoon is a quiet season for bird-watchers and travellers but the season holds its own beauty. For nature lovers, it's a

  • Nature Quest: The brown beauty

    “Hurry up, you are going to get left behind!” The source of the voice vanished behind the uncountable humongous green grasses. They