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  • Nature Quest: Bond with the birds

    Raba Begum, headmaster of Jogiborth Govt Primary School in Nodiachad Baor of Alfadanga upazila in Faridpur, transitions into a

  • Fish Eagles

    Nature Quest: A quest for eagle nest

    Cool morning air brushed against my face as I looked at the plains where countrymen were out on their fields--plowing, irrigating, or

  • New species of white bellied drongo found

    A species of drongo, not seen by experts in the country before, has been spotted in Rajshahi city's Shimla Park recently.

  • Number of deer falls in Rajshahi Zoo

    The number of deer at Rajshahi Zoo has reduced by six times over the last 15 years due to what experts say the authority's move to

  • Nature Quest: Padma banks painted red

    A large flock of very rare and colourful birds has brightened the banks of Padma river near Rajshahi City recently. The birds called Painted Stork thronged the shallows and shoals before the birdwatchers and photographers of the city.

  • Nature Quest: Dredger danger for dolphins

    At least 16 dolphins (Platanista Gangetica) have been found dead in the last three months in the Halda, according to data found primarily by Halda River Research Institute.

  • Nature Quest: Bamboo trinket snake found in Lawachhara

    A black-banded trinket, a species of rat snakes, was found near Lawacherra National Forest in Moulvibazar. A stunningly beautiful creature, this was the first time it was discovered alive in the country.

  • Nature Quest: Care for Crows

    In Kangalpara village of Botlagari union in Nilphamari district, first time visitors will be surprised to see many banners hanging on

  • Frog in lawachara forest

    Nature Quest: The scarlet stare

    As evening fell, the stillness of the Lawacherra was suddenly broken by a chorus of croaks. Each one lasted from between 100 to 600

  • Spot-billed Pelican in Padma

    Nature Quest: We adore thee, Pelican

    We may thankfully sing the old Christian hymn “Humbly we adore thee, pelican” now that a Spot-billed Pelican is visiting Bangladesh