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  • Daytime Skincare During Summer

    Once again Baishakh has taken over the country in all its sunny glory.

  • More to know about food and the body

    How many times have you envied the dramatic weight loss of a friend, overlooking her preoccupation with food and dieting...

  • Dr. Anselm Chi-Wai Lee

    In conversation with Dr. Anselm Chi-Wai Lee

    Dr Anselm Chi-Wai Lee is a Senior Consultant at the Parkway Cancer Centre in Singapore.


    I am a 25-year-old female and newly married. My husband and I do not want to start a family just yet.

  • Breaking the silence

    Sometimes, when asked to introduce myself in front of a room full of people I just want to start by saying, “Hi, my name is Shejuti Islam and I am bipolar.”

  • Ready – sweat – go!

    Nowadays most gyms, hotels and fitness centres have built-in sauna and steam room facilities.

  • Healing through acupressure

    There are certain things that we cannot avoid in life, like recurring colds, excruciating headaches and sudden outbursts of anger.

  • Eyes affixed on the screen

    With the advent of social media and addictive games and of course, smart phones, many of us live in the virtual world for a huge chunk of time.

  • Weigh to go!

    The thought of having to start a diet is enough to throw anyone into a tizzy. You immediately think about all the dawats you have to skip...

  • Achy joints in winter

    ”Every mile is two in winter” said poet George Herbert.