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  • Ramadan calling!

    Fasting is an essential part of faith in innumerable religions spread across the world. Yet, the fundamental difference between fasting in Islam and other beliefs is that the one prescribed in the sacred book of Islam ensures that although abstinence is there, the permitted period of food consumption guarantees that there is no real chance of malnutrition or inadequate calorie intake.

  • Shattering the savant myth

    I hope from the last article the complex nature of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is starting to become clear.

  • vegetables

    Why should we eat vegetables?

    It would not be easy to find a child who hasn't questioned the need to have fruits. Most fruits are sweet and possibly, the reason for being such favourites.

  • Food allergy

    A food allergy is an abnormal response to a food triggered by our body's immune system.

  • The dopamine delusion

    So why exactly do we feel the urge to stay glued to social media? Or check out a new eatery and try out their delicious meals? Or grab a smoke between work every now and then?

  • Skipping sehri…no good

    Sehri is the differentiating factor between the fast we Muslims keep and the fasts of other religions. Holy Prophet(S) is reported to have said, “Verily, Allah and His Malaikah send mercy upon those who eat Suhur.”

  • Manage your mood swings

    I couldn't decide if it was my stomach or mind growling uncontrollably as I glared at the CNG driver who unashamedly asked for a fare that was double than usual.

  • Healthy food habits for Ramadan

    It is common knowledge that fasting has myriad health benefits. Besides increasing immunity, endurance, and the ability to face challenges, fasting contributes to our outward physical appearance by getting rid of excess fat.

  • The eyes have it

    We often spend hours blending out five different eye shadows and perfecting the winged liner, but how often do we actually spend 15 minutes behind this critical organ's health?

  • Skin Care

    The sun has started blazing through the clouds. Consequently, our skins have already started losing its moisture.

  • energy drink Bangladesh Budget for Fiscal year 2018-19

    Do 'supplements' really supplement our lives?

    Energy drinks and protein supplements have become increasingly popular amongst youngsters nowadays.

  • A dietary guide for cancer patients

    It is a well researched fact that an unhealthy diet may contribute to developing cancer in the body.

  • A different approach to treating cancers

    “The treatment of cancer requires a multidisciplinary approach” said renowned oncologist Dr See Hui Ti, and this is exactly where the Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) at Singapore can come in aide with those diagnosed with the disease.

  • Exercise Your Way to Wellness

    Our aversion towards exercise in the first place always helps in piling up excuses for not being able to commit.

  • Smoking is responsible for 80 percent of all lung cancer worldwide

    Dr Lim Hong Ling is a senior medical oncologist with more than 25 years of experience in the field. In addition to general medical oncology, he has a special interest in lung cancer, as well as head and neck cancers.

  • Winning the battle against cancer

    When Tahrin (not her real name), a 27-year-old school teacher was diagnosed with cancer, life seemed to have stood still.

  • Hydrate on the go

    If you are an energetic individual who likes nothing more than to spend all the hot humid days outside running around and doing...

  • Vital vitamins

    Maybe you are someone “blessed” with dewy iridescent skin or hair that catches light without any extra effort.

  • Text Neck: A rising epidemic

    If you have a stiff neck and an unexplainable back pain, the reason for your discomfort may literally be on your fingertips.

  • Daytime Skincare During Summer

    Once again Baishakh has taken over the country in all its sunny glory.

  • More to know about food and the body

    How many times have you envied the dramatic weight loss of a friend, overlooking her preoccupation with food and dieting...

  • Dr. Anselm Chi-Wai Lee

    In conversation with Dr. Anselm Chi-Wai Lee

    Dr Anselm Chi-Wai Lee is a Senior Consultant at the Parkway Cancer Centre in Singapore.


    I am a 25-year-old female and newly married. My husband and I do not want to start a family just yet.

  • Breaking the silence

    Sometimes, when asked to introduce myself in front of a room full of people I just want to start by saying, “Hi, my name is Shejuti Islam and I am bipolar.”

  • Ready – sweat – go!

    Nowadays most gyms, hotels and fitness centres have built-in sauna and steam room facilities.

  • Healing through acupressure

    There are certain things that we cannot avoid in life, like recurring colds, excruciating headaches and sudden outbursts of anger.

  • Eyes affixed on the screen

    With the advent of social media and addictive games and of course, smart phones, many of us live in the virtual world for a huge chunk of time.

  • Weigh to go!

    The thought of having to start a diet is enough to throw anyone into a tizzy. You immediately think about all the dawats you have to skip...

  • Achy joints in winter

    ”Every mile is two in winter” said poet George Herbert.

  • All about feet

    Our feet endure a journey equivalent to walking around the world four times in our entire lifetime. Despite being as important as they are for any of us...