Exploring the new treatment

Most of us in this region are more or less aware of 'acupuncture'.  The traditional Chinese acupuncture first appeared in Yellow Emperor's 'Canon of Medicine', which was written over two thousand years ago. Since then, acupuncture has been popularised in China and spread to other regions of the world.

Although acupuncture has already been recognised all over the world, it has some limitations. As we know, medical science never stops — today, a combination of the essential theories of traditional Chinese and modern western medicine has formed a complete system of treatment for many diseases. And this innovative is now known as 'Acupotomology'. In fact, Dr. Zhu Hanzhang invented the basics of acupotomology more than two decades ago.

In brief, acupotomy is a new-fangled medical tool which has used the traditional Chinese medicine needle and a blade/knife. It is like a needle for acupuncture (0.8 mm in diameter) with a sharp bladed tip. The major part of this technique takes about 20-30 seconds to finish the operation.

The indications are all kinds of incurable pain caused by chronic soft tissue injuries and adhesion for example: bursitis, cumulative disorders, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow etc.

Scientists emphasised that although the efficacy of acupotomy is very good but it cannot cure all diseases and especially it is not good for illnesses due to 'bone — pathological changes'. With more and more successful cases, acupotomy has been gradually accepted by common people.


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