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  • Dr Rubaiul Murshed

    Dr Rubaiul Murshed

  • My country — my health care

    Healthcare in 1980
  • The dangers of being ‘taken for granted’

    A recent study in England found that married people were 14% more likely to survive after a heart attack and they were able to leave the hospital two days’ sooner than single people having a heart attack.
  • Talk of the day/night

    In this day and age, most of us are stubbornly working and those who are not also working use our pick of social networking sites to entertain until the late night ! Doesn’t matter 2 or 3 am!
  • How important is the time of having meals?

    For a long time, some experts consider that timing of meals is as important as what we eat. Interestingly, more new results are coming as new researches are emerging. Well, late-night eaters would not like the answer as late-night eating really affects our body. But how bad is it?
  • Exploring the new treatment

    Most of us in this region are more or less aware of ‘acupuncture’. The traditional Chinese acupuncture first appeared in Yellow