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  • Dr Rubaiul Murshed

    Dr Rubaiul Murshed

  • Exploring an innovative treatment in our region

    No matter what we hear or experience about alternative treatment – we tend to rush to many places once allopathic or established treatment has not worked for us effectively.
  • 14th February! Why not you?

    It's gone — just last week. I am talking about the 14th February! When the date comes, everyone talks about the Valentine’s Day, but this is also a very special day for many unfortunate people on this earth — who wait for an organ anxiously throughout the year.
  • Finding good cookingo ils for 2019

    The health benefits of cooking oils can be a complicated subject. Some are better at lowering cholesterol while others might become ‘bad fats’ when exposed to high heat. Some are expensive, although their marketing strategies are very smart.
  • Let’s Talk 'RLC' & 'Health Begins at Home’

    If you visit local hospitals or doctors’ clinics, you will see that there is a record rise of some illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases and
  • My country — my health care

    Healthcare in 1980