Dr Rubaiul Murshed

Dr Rubaiul Murshed

The psychology behind social media

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web (www) talked about its first 30 years, the rise of the toxic internet, and whether Facebook needs to be broken up.

5d ago

Sex differences in the brain

Some behavioural scientists published an infographic on the ‘Battle of the Brain: Men vs. Women.’ Despite the size difference (the male brain is 10% larger), differences in performances between men and women have long been a topic of debate among scholars. Most psychologists now believe that there are no significant sex differences in general intelligence, although ability in particular types of intelligence does appear to vary slightly on average.

1w ago

The importance of EQ is changing fast

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned’ — this famous quotation came to my mind when I read psychologist Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence – Why it can matter more than IQ”.

2w ago

Numbness of senses

“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” It is said that this media emphasises sociology, psychology and marketology over technology. Switching from current news to hungry people to war and calamities to a comedy show on the screen in minutes, makes us insensitive to social values.

3w ago

Our second brain

From our immune system to our mood, our gut affects everything. My father used to say that most diseases started in the gut. Scientists call the gut-regulating enteric nervous system (ENS) the ‘little brain’ or ‘second brain.’

The poison of pride

“Generosity is giving more than you have, and pride is taking less than you need”- Kahlil Gibran. Some ancient thinkers thought proud people were worthy of great things. So, is it better to not feel proud at all? Well, it is said that pride breakfasted with plenty, lunched with poverty, dined with infamy.

Is gratitude really powerful?

‘Ingratitude dries up the fountain of all goodness,’ - said a French statesman. In reality, sometimes ingratitude can be more dreadful than revenge. That is why it is said that gratitude is the best attitude, because it helps us feel happier and more kind to others. But is gratitude really powerful? Indeed, the importance of attitude is the basis for everything in our lives.

Living in a toxic society

Once a wise man said, “One fake friend is more dangerous than 100 enemies.” True friends will always find a way to help, but toxic and fake friends will always find an excuse. Today, a toxic social environment causes more harm to our health, happiness, and wellbeing. People who make us feel bad, or insecure about ourselves can create a toxic environment.

Mr Vagabond: The superpower nerve

We all know that ‘a crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet participated in stress and anxiety.’ There is no such thing as a stress-free life. Today, vagus nerve massages are popular for stress relieve. But, in the early eighties, we focused more on ‘vagotomy’ to treat severe cases of peptic ulcer disease.

Catch Cortisol if you can!

Cortisol is widely known as the body’s stress hormone. Chronic stress harms our mind and body. “It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.”

Wisdom for inner peace

What was Socrates’ most famous saying? Some say, “Know thyself” and some mention, “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” Socrates taught us that people should care less about their bodies and possessions and more about their souls, saying, “Wealth does not bring goodness, but goodness brings wealth.”

Blaming others is a sickness

“He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey. He who blames himself is halfway there. He who blames no one has arrived.” – Chinese Proverb

Helplessness is deeper than sadness

Feeling helpless is like ‘pearls are of no value in a desert’ . Trying to hide pain increases powerlessness. Helplessness can sometimes feel psychologically paralysing. It creates a sense of being unable to act or react to a negative situation. It may be associated with anxiety, phobias, and loneliness. It  is easier to say, ‘My head is spinning’ than to say, ‘My heart is broken.’  People often feel helpless.

The wisdom we ignored

Leonardo da Vinci loved animals so much that he used to buy caged animals at the market just to set them free.

Dopamin detox, the reality

The book ‘Dopamine Detox’ has become popular. A chemical messenger, dopamine,  is produced in the brain. It plays a role in our body movement, memory, and motivation. Dopamine levels are associated with neurological diseases.

When jealousy become toxic

Once, Buddha said, ‘it is not love that is blind, but jealousy.’ Today social scientists agree that jealousy is a difficult human emotion that can hold us back from attaining happiness and wellbeing. But, some may think jealousy is a normal human emotion like tasty but unhealthy sauce in food which under certain circumstances can be life-threatening.

Personal happiness is the ultimate currency

‘Money, money, money’, difficult to forget ABBA’s classic that was sung from both a practical and philosophical perspective. According to researchers, money is only one part of psychological wealth. Money’s impact on happiness is not as large as we might contemplate.

The mystery we overlooked

Those who are aware of “Pineal Gland’ – some of them call it a mysterious body. It has been recognised as significant since the ancient Greek scholars. But, this gland would not be fully understood until the 20th century.

Painful truth about the rat race

Once a wise person said, “The problem with the Rat Race is that even if you win, you are still a rat.” Rat race is a pain for today’s lifestyle. It is usually defined as ‘a way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth and/or power’.

Underestimating swing moods

Too often we misjudge the power of balancing our mindsets and emotions. If we do not have control over reactions including our mouth and counter wildly, we will not have control over our future, and we will let others control us.

The art of becoming better

“Beauty is Truth, Truth is beauty.” The beauty of humanity shows the real truth of nature. And this truth bears a vital factor named ‘Kindness’ - that takes one to tranquility. It is a tree with many branches; like, forgiveness, gratitude, humbleness and ‘culture of giving’. Among these good-deeds, ‘Culture of Giving’ carries a substantial meaning that brings completeness in one’s life. Some of us think ‘giving’ means ‘giving money’. But, it means giving more than just money.

The power of kind touch

There was a cover story on ‘The Power of Touch’ in a recent National Geographic issue. There have been studies in the medical field that are finding healthful benefits for patients in the form of nonverbal communication such as a pat on the hand or a gentle form of skin-to-skin contact.

Knowing a narcissist

It is interesting that it is hard to find a proper Bangla word that goes with the term ‘Narcissistic’, while it is such a vital topic in the world of ‘personality’. This is a personality disorder that involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behaviour, a lack of kindness and consideration for others. They are self-centered and envy others, or believe others envy them. They believe that they are special and demand excessive admiration.

Secret paybacks of good acts

Have you ever felt good after accompanying a sick neighbour to the hospital in the middle of the night? Then there was the time when you left food and essentials in front of your friend’s door regularly at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Luxury’ - A trap for wellbeing

Can luxury make one happy? Or how valid is the concept of the ‘Luxury Trap’? Are higher-priced goods of higher quality? Are brand items that much needed? Everyone says it doesn’t, but a whole lot of people spend their lives pursuing it.

The magic of low voice

Have you heard the famous quote, ‘90% of the friction of life is caused by the wrong tone of voice!’ Yes, the psychological effects of being yelled at in a relationship are numerous.

Rediscovering the power of moralogy & wellbeing

Global unrest has increased since the millennium, risking social unrest. Health promotion and wellness activities are popular now. Science and culture affect “social ethos,” especially morality and lifestyle. We were not taught to help the poor in school. The education system undervalues moral education.

The new science of ‘Backbiting’

Backbiting is “mean-spirited gossip about someone absent.” Backbiting spreads like a disease. Many do not care this social disease. We recognise arrogance, egotism, and jealousy as immoral, but we often overlook how harmful toxic talk can be. Backbiting can create a negative mindset.

Body is real, so is mind

According to a study, ‘sad feelings’ can alter stress-related brain tasks and increase blood levels of inflammatory proteins linked to heart disease, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. Mind and mindset are crucial to one’s nature. Our nature or behaviour is controlled by the ‘brain,’ a mysterious 3-pound soft structure responsible for solving problems, planning actions, and controlling emotions. These executive functions control our’ body and mind.

Mindset matters

Success requires a positive mindset. True success brings mental and physical health, natural achievements, and happiness. A growth mindset is more important than money, hard work, and effort.

Stress – The soundless enemy

Today’s life is easier “with a lot of gadgets,” but behind our familiarity are many unexplainable illnesses. Modern life is full of stress. Stress is a foundational illness. People today feel more stress than they did 30/35 years ago, and those 45 to 64 feel it the most.

Knowing basics of behavioural sciences

We are all familiar with the term ‘psychology’ in our day-to-day life. Psychology is generally considered a sub-discipline of behavioural sciences, and the two areas experience some overlap in coursework and career paths.

The most important subject of today

Behavioral sciences are the most inscrutable and misunderstood by students and the general public.

A year of kindness and forgiving others

These days from a common soldier to a General, all are aware of their personal health benefits from exercise to selecting foods.

Wisdom of true happiness

Happiness has long been recognised as a critical part of health and well-being. It is also important to consider how one personally defines

Immunity passports for persons with COVID-19

Till today the most frustrating fear of the world is the vulnerabilities of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has directly and indirectly traumatised our everyday lifecycle.

COVID-19: the biggest psychological experiment on urban population

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected us physically but also mentally, especially the urban population. Although there is a broad consensus among academicians about psychological care following disasters and major incidents, still people are going through countless psychological issues in adjusting to the current lifestyle and fear of the disease.

Exploring an innovative treatment in our region

No matter what we hear or experience about alternative treatment – we tend to rush to many places once allopathic or established treatment has not worked for us effectively.

14th February! Why not you?

It's gone — just last week. I am talking about the 14th February! When the date comes, everyone talks about the Valentine’s Day, but this is also a very special day for many unfortunate people on this earth — who wait for an organ anxiously throughout the year.

Finding good cookingo ils for 2019

The health benefits of cooking oils can be a complicated subject. Some are better at lowering cholesterol while others might become ‘bad fats’ when exposed to high heat. Some are expensive, although their marketing strategies are very smart.

Let’s Talk 'RLC' & 'Health Begins at Home’

If you visit local hospitals or doctors’ clinics, you will see that there is a record rise of some illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases and

My country — my health care

Healthcare in 1980

The dangers of being ‘taken for granted’

A recent study in England found that married people were 14% more likely to survive after a heart attack and they were able to leave the hospital two days’ sooner than single people having a heart attack.

Talk of the day/night

In this day and age, most of us are stubbornly working and those who are not also working use our pick of social networking sites to entertain until the late night ! Doesn’t matter 2 or 3 am!

How important is the time of having meals?

For a long time, some experts consider that timing of meals is as important as what we eat. Interestingly, more new results are coming as new researches are emerging. Well, late-night eaters would not like the answer as late-night eating really affects our body. But how bad is it?

Exploring the new treatment

Most of us in this region are more or less aware of ‘acupuncture’. The traditional Chinese acupuncture first appeared in Yellow

3 health dangers that your New Millennium Kid may face

It is not easy being a parent of a generation born during and after 2000. They have grown up with the Internet, social media, the rise

Shouting: Your way to awful life

If you are short tempered or impatient all the time, you just might find yourself feeling sick more often. In fact, shouting and screaming

November 15, 2015
November 15, 2015

Facebook: Does it affect our health? - 1

Nowadays social media has taken the human race by storm. Throughout the world Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. are now used by 1 in 4 people. Such activity may seem harmless but scientists advocate this can affect our health (especially mental) and happiness.

November 1, 2015
November 1, 2015

The importance of eye pressure

In general people are concerned about their blood pressure. But a lot of us are not aware of eye pressure known as intra-ocular

September 20, 2015
September 20, 2015

Killing our egos - 2

A classic egoistic person believes in rigidity. They forget - ‘everybody makes mistakes, only the wise learn from them’.

September 13, 2015
September 13, 2015

Killing our egos - 1

"S/he is so egoistic!" or "thinks too big of him/herself!" — these statements of disregard indicate one's arrogance. The satire of life is

September 6, 2015
September 6, 2015

Halitosis – please don’t ignore

Bad breath is medically known as halitosis. This is one of the most embarrassing nightmares and frequently unnoticed situations experienced by millions of persons.

August 30, 2015
August 30, 2015

Importance of electrolytes - 2

Sodium-Potassium balance in a human body is very important. Potassium has a strong relationship with sodium.

August 23, 2015
August 23, 2015

Importance of electrolytes - 1

Almost all forms of life including humans cannot exist without electrolytes. These regulate our muscle and nerve function, hydration, blood pH, blood pressure and what not! Electrolyte levels are kept constant by our kidneys and several hormones.

July 26, 2015
July 26, 2015

Black diamond - 2

Black seed oil is known around the world by many names because of its ancient accepted history and medicinal judgment. This oil is made from a remarkable herb called Nigella sativa.

July 12, 2015
July 12, 2015

Black diamond - 1

Black foods have been around us forever; but recently scientists have rediscovered particular important ingredients inside these black foods.

May 24, 2015
May 24, 2015

Do you really need a CT scan?

Medical imaging (Computed Tomography or CT scan, X-rays, MRI etc.) tests have become increasingly concerned about their overuse,