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‘JK 1971’ to be the first film screened at the 21st DIFF

JK 1971 premieres on January 14
JK 1971. Photo: Collected.

The Fakhrul Arefeen Khan directorial film "JK 1971" has recently earned an uncut censorship certificate from the Censor Board last Tuesday.

"JK 1971" narrates a historic event that occurred in France during the Bangladesh Liberation War. It depicts the bravery of a French youth named Jean Kay, who hijacked a Pakistan International Airlines flight at the Orly Airport in Paris, on December 3, 1971. 

Having hijacked the plane, Kay ordered for 20 tons of medical supplies and relief items to be loaded onto the plane, so that he could fly to Bangladesh and help the freedom fighters.

The film was submitted to the censor board two days ago, and managed to charm every board member reviewing it.

"The board members watched the film last Monday and gave it an uncut publishing certificate," said the Deputy Director of Bangladesh Film Censorship Board, Md Moinuddin. "This is amongst the best Liberation War themed films I have seen. I believe the audience from all walks of life will love it as well."

After getting an uncut censorship certificate, the director of the film shared, "I have heard the censorship board members' opinions on my film. Hopefully, my fellow countrymen will also get to see the film in theatres soon."

"JK 1971" will also be the first film screened at the 21st Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) inauguration ceremony, coming January 14.According to media reports, "JK 1971" will be participating in the 21st DIFF under the 'Bangladesh Panorama' category. Previously, it had already won the 'Best Historic Film' award at the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) last year.

Concerning this, the director of DIFF mentioned, "The film is themed around our liberation war and will be premiering in Bangladesh on the same day."

"We have selected this film as the inaugural film to show all the directors and film personas visiting us from around the world, our liberation war themed production," he added. 

"To have my film as the inaugural film is a great honour for me," said the film's director. "This is a new experience for me. We are bringing such a story before the audience after 51 years since the liberation war. I wish to bring JK into the hearts of our audience through the film."

"There will be directors and critics from different countries watching this film at the event while our audience will see it in the cinema halls," added Fakhrul Arefeen Khan. "That is a new experience for me."

The film features US actor Francisco Raymond and Russian artistes Derya Guvrosenko and Nikolai Novominski, alongside Subhra Sourav Das and Sabyasachi Chakrabarty in pivotal roles.