Shujan doubts fairness of UP polls

A civil society platform today criticised the role of the Election Commission ahead of the upcoming Union Parishad polls and doubted the fairness of the election.

EC has failed to create a level playing field for all, alleged Badiul Alam Majumder, secretary of Shushashoner Janney Nagarik (Shujan), today.

Alleging EC’s inaction over complaints that candidates were facing hindrance to file nomination, Badiul said, “These incidents have raised concerns whether the UP polls will be free and fair.”

The Union Parishad elections will be held across Bangladesh in six phases, the first of which begins March 22. The elections will continue until June. This is the first time the elections will be held in partisan manner.

Shujan Secretary Badiul questioned the EC’s ability and neutrality at a press conference arranged weeks ahead of the polls at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity.

Talking to reporters after the press conference, Shujan President M Hafiz Uddin Khan claimed that no election was free and fair under the current Election Commission since 2014.

“Although the current EC was provided with enough power, they are not utilising it. As a result, election related problems are not being solved,” he said.

Hafiz Uddin, also a former caretaker government advisor, urged the government to hold a free and fair Union Parishad election without influencing it.