GP says SIM ban unexpected as it performed better than benchmark

Grameenphone banned selling new SIMs

Grameenphone said the telecom watchdog's latest ban on SIM sales is unexpected and the operator will take its next course of action after assessing the regulator's letter related to the bar.

On June 29, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) in a letter instructed the top telecom operator not to sell new SIM cards for what it said was the operator's failure to provide quality service.

According to BTRC, the operator cannot sell any new SIM until it improves its quality of services and reduce its rate of call drops.

Grameenphone has been adhering to and staying well ahead of the regulator's quality of service benchmark and the International Telecommunication Union's international benchmark, the operator said in a statement.

"In addition, GP has also been closely collaborating with BTRC to constantly improve the network quality and service by acquiring the highest allowable spectrum in the recent auction and taking a series of network modernisation steps."

"Against this backdrop, we are currently assessing this recent unexpected letter to determine our next course of action. We believe that constructive dialogue with the regulator is the best way to resolve issues in the best interest of our existing and new customers," the operator said.


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