Down to business with the best bathrooms

The quality of bathrooms you've come across while travelling will vary greatly.


The United States said Monday it would not allow foreign students to remain in the country if all of their classes are moved online in the fall because of the coronavirus crisis.

Step into the boots of a pro footballer

New Star Soccer may not look the part, but it is one of the best sports RPG’s you can play on mobile. In it, you step into the shoes of a 16-year-old footballer and lead him through his entire footballing career.

My first time as a koshai

It’s finally time. Year after year of having my authority questioned, of being belittled and humiliated by my own family, I’m going to


For the longest time, the only cricket game of note was EA’s Cricket 07. Recently, however, the cricket game market has belonged to

An impeccable visual novel, a disappointing investigation sim

Many games can spend millions on creating photorealistic depictions of a place only for it to not feel like a real location. Night Call,

Exanima: Isometric RPG meets Mordhau

Okay, perhaps comparing this to Mordhau is a bit of a stretch. However, Exanima is such a unique game that I can’t find a better comparison than that. Bear with me while I explain exactly why this game is so difficult to place into a category. One thing I can

ASMR for cricket fans

Now that the World Cup is over, cricket is going to be in short supply until the Sri Lanka series. To fill the cricket itch you’re bound to have, I have compiled some YouTube channels which are practically ASMR for lovers of cricket.

How not to be a predictable commentator

Cricket is a difficult sport to play but commentating on it must be even more difficult.

Maintaining long distance friendships

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that is truest in the context of friendships. If any of your friends have moved far enough

What your relatives think of your major

One of the best parts of the Eid holidays is getting to see your loved ones. For all the people that go back to their ancestral homes,

Making VR more accessible

For the longest time, the only names in VR gaming were HTC and PlayStation (PS). The Vive and PS VR had the best collection of VR games along with the best hardware to run them. Now, with the release of two new headsets from Oculus – the Quest and the Rift S – it seems

The unsavoury truth of cricket and Bangladesh

It’s finally happening. After many years of watching Bangladesh go into tournaments with the hopes of “close matches” and “upsets”,

Why relating to BoJack doesn’t make you special

Of all the animated shows, BoJack Horseman is arguably one of the best. With one of the episodes (Free Churro) on the latest season being the 12th highest-rated television episode of all time on IMDb,

Why it’s the best time to get back into Rocket League

Ever since it came out in 2015, there has never been a game quite like Rocket League. The idea of playing sports with vehicles was such a novel idea that it took the world by storm. Over time, almost everyone has tried it at least once and been amazed at how fun it is to pick up and play.

Making winter last

After spending all morning getting your thick woollen blankets out and airing them out in the sun, you're finally ready to enjoy the chilly winter. Only, when you get underneath the blanket you're sweating.

Do not go gentle into that good night

I'm sprinting, trying to navigate through the maze-like tunnels of this deep mineshaft. To my hypothermic, overburdened self, the flickering matchstick makes every wall and turn look identical.

Catching up with the BPL

The country's biggest T20 league is taking place as we speak, but this time around it hasn't been garnering too much attention.

Starcraft without context

I never understood the strategies involved in RTS games, and the few times I played, I realised spamming one type of soldier at the enemy just doesn't work. To redeem my uncultured ways, I decided to look at how the pros strategised.

Adventures of Appalachia

Fans of one of the oldest RPG franchises were taken by surprise when Bethesda capped off their E3 presentation by announcing Fallout 76.

Bury yourself into the Trench

Twenty One Pilots are back with the release of their fifth studio album Trench and they've definitely stepped out of their comfort zone. Not just in terms of style, because it also features an overarching narrative set in an alternate world called Dema.

Games where “lag” isn't an excuse

As fun as it is to jump into a server with your friends, it feels incomplete. Even when you're on a group call with your buddies, it doesn't really feel like you're in the thick of things. If you've experienced this, then you need to detox with some good ol' local multiplayer fun. Check out the following games if you have a spare controller lying around.

Annoying fanbases

Many fanbases are so bad at being fans that they might make you, a neutral observer, dislike the object of their fixation before you even know what it is. The worst are highlighted below, and I apologise in advance if you find any similarities with your own actions. I didn't want you to find out like this.

Umbrella modifications for monsoon

Ah, monsoon. Who doesn't love free swimming lessons every time you leave your house. Wading through knee-deep brown water is every little boy and girl's dream, and your buddy monsoon has it covered.

Chicken dinner goes mobile

From the title, you already know what game I'm talking about. PUBG is the pioneer of battle royales, and now in a surprising move it's available on Android and iOS as well. Since March 19, 2018, PUBG Mobile has graced the smallest screen while retaining much of its original charm.

Facial animations: An often overlooked feature

It's no secret that games are better in terms of graphical detail. Along the way we've had games which have almost perfectly rendered the human face, and others which had faces that looked like badly smudged finger-paintings. As things get even better, you can't help but wonder how far the level of detail can go.

Return of the Pilots

368 days. That is how long Twenty One Pilots were gone. During this “hiatus”, there has been no activity from the band, online or otherwise. Until now.

No Murakami left behind

In the world of fiction, one name you are bound to have come across is Haruki Murakami. With his recent surge in popularity, you can now find an assortment of Murakamis in any old bookshop. That is why now is the best time to get stuck into his works.

SHOUT Picks - Games that got ported to mobile

Mobile gaming has long been the awkward cousin of the gaming world; y'know, the one who everyone avoids at family gatherings. However, recently it has improved quite a bit. So much so that its rosters include more than “Clash Royales of Clansmen”, and feature classics from consoles and PC. The following are some of the more notable entries.

Life after the AI takeover

Not so long ago, Google unveiled its plans of world domination. Or as they called it, Google Assistant. As a part of this demonstration, they had the AI make phone calls to set reservations. While that was impressive, that is only one of the many things you could use it for. The following are some more creative uses for it.

Weird metal genres

Metal music is like quicksand. If you don’t like it, you avoid it completely. If you enjoy some of it, then before you know it, you’re listening to bands whose names you can’t pronounce. Just like quicksand, by the time you’re done binging, you have sunk to the depths and are surrounded by the weirdest songs.

Loving animals for a day

Before you call the cops on me, let me make it clear that my love is pure. I am just a person who is very fond of all types of animals, even the ones which support Argentina. After exhausting the collection of animal posts on /r/animalphotos, I was looking for other places to satiate my animal curiosity. That was when I stumbled upon a potential goldmine: animal shows.

Great Eid Natoks of years gone by

Every year hundreds of new shows come out during the Eid holidays, and in the mess of things it can be difficult to decide on a show to watch to completion. Add to that the ridiculously long advertisements and the experience is downright painful.

Shopping for other people during Eid

I'm sure you all know how much we Bangladeshis enjoy shopping. The roads being full to the brim with clusters of people should be a good enough indicator of that fact. Not all of the things we buy are for ourselves, however. In fact, a significant portion of our shopping time is spent seeking out gifts for relatives and friends. This poses a unique set of struggles, some of which are highlighted below.

Should You Share That?

It is 2018, and mankind has collectively done so many incredible things. People have been sent to the moon, copystriked others for money, made songs about how giving and humble they are. While humanity continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, some people still struggle with some simple acts. Like deciding what to and what not to share on your social media accounts.

Farewell, Mr.360

“I have had my turn and, to be honest, I am tired.” On Wednesday, the world of cricket suffered a great loss. That was when AB de Villiers announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket.

Asif Zaman - The man behind the memes

When you talk about homegrown memes, the name Asif Zaman is sure to come up. And why wouldn't it? As one of the most prolific meme-makers in Bangladesh and being the content director of Rantages, he has built a large fan base with his continuous output of top quality content. Being a fan, I was honoured when I got the opportunity to pick the brains of the man behind the memes. Following are some of the excerpts from the interview.

Trying out manga as a book reader

Months and months of nagging on the part of my friends finally got to me. I, a lifelong reader, finally made the decision to try out manga for the first time. Before I recount the tale of my first manga reading, however, I'd like to fill you in on some of my reading habits to better set the scene for the transition.

4 small games that pack a punch

AAA games are great. Sometimes, though, you have an itch that needs a different kind of game to be scratched. Maybe you're going on a trip, and need to carry some lightweight games that a laptop can run? Whatever the case, games in the following list fulfil your requirements. And the best part? They're all under 250 MB.

Four stars out of five? Not really, no.

Five years after the critically successful AM, the Arctic Monkeys have finally dropped a new album. To say that this new album, “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”, was different would be an understatement. Sometime during this five-year hiatus, Alex Turner has forsaken his guitar for a piano. But does this new set-up suit the band?

Experiencing an internet argument

Arguing on the internet is fun, for a variety of reasons. Who wouldn't love to systematically dismantle someone else's ideas and exploiting loopholes in their logic at the same time. While engaged in such a noble deed, however, you tend to notice some of the finer aspects of pleasant internet discourse.

Which IPL cricketer are you?

While everyone is busy with UEFA Champions League hype as it draws to a close, cricket fans have their own Indian Premier League (IPL) to be excited about. Featuring some of the best players in international and domestic cricket, the games are always exciting and a good way to spend your evenings.

What's your genjam persona?

Nothing gets your blood pumping like some good old-fashioned genjam, am I right? As entertaining as it may be to people all over the world, a well-publicised recent altercation involving certain cricketers revealed that genjam has a special place in every Bangladeshi's heart. Not even professional sportsmen can say no to its charm, apparently, so today we pay homage to the different personalities you see when genjam goes down.

Chronicles of playing against a friend who's better than you

The only thing that's better than gaming alone is having friends. Even better than that is being able to game with said friends. Of course, when you frequently play against skilled opponents you start to show some less than pleasant traits. Below are some of the more embarrassing ones.

Chronicles of playing against someone actually better than you

Not to be confused with the other article bearing the same name, this one is for people who have lives and don't spend all day playing video games like losers. We know what it's like to be outmatched in activities that actually matter. The following are some of the things that go through our head when that happens.

What your favourite book says about you

Move over Buzzfeed, with your “what flavour of vegan gluten-free cookie are you” quizzes. It's time for some real introspection. Today we're going to be judging each other based on our reading habits. Get ready to have a stranger tell you what your favourite book says about you. Hint: it's nothing good.

A day in the life of a gamepad

Dawn arrives with first light—no wait it's the middle of the day, what gives? The answer is soon revealed as I realise I was at the bottom of a pile of dirty laundry. Banished to the corner, never to be seen again until the hour of need arrives, my suspicions prove to be true as I am swiftly plugged into the computer. It's time to get ready for the ordeal all over again.