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  • Which O Level essay to write

    The creative writing section of the O Level English exam may seem daunting to most people. The ideas need to be extremely original and raw, straight out of the depths of a person’s mind.
  • Why Riverdale should be cancelled

    I used to love Riverdale once. But now, I am a very disappointed fan. The show had something unique about it that we had not been exposed to before.
  • Art for people who cannot draw

    On many occasions I have sat down with a vision in my head to draw something but every time I picked up the pencil or the brush to paint, I failed miserably.
  • It isn't romantic

    The story follows the life of a female architect who lives alone and is married to her career. She also believes that relationships are meaningless and worthless and that all romantic comedies
  • How to be liked by your teachers

    One of the most difficult components of university life is not knowing whether the teacher likes you or not. You often hear the statement, “I did not get my desired marks because the teacher absolutely hates me.” So, when you did not get what you deserved on that quiz you studied the whole night for, that is also the excuse you end up giving your parents.