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  • The art of decluttering

    Often times, as we grow old, we want to keep tangible items that remind us of wonderful times and we attempt to build a shrine around them.
  • How a 10 step skincare routine video changed my life

    The one thing about being a teenager I absolutely hated was the explosion of acne all over my face. Worrying about my skin and why it could not be as perfect as the models' on magazines was something that fed into my insecurities about myself. Even a few years ago, YouTube and YouTubers were not the big deal that they are today so I did not know
  • Stages of owning a pet

    The increasing number of people who have started to appreciate keeping a pet is an indication that having one is a way of life now. The bond that we share with our pets is a rare one and overtime they become a part of our family.
  • An open letter to sleep

    See, the thing is, you are probably confused. Do not worry, I am not blaming you. I know it is me; I keep confusing you. What I am trying to tell you is that during the weekdays I really need to sleep early because the devil created those 8 AM classes and unfortunately, I have to attend them. So I need you to cooperate with me.
  • Explaining Climate Change Buzzwords

    Scientists make it a point to carefully illustrate the difference between these two terms. The main difference between the two is temporal. Weather is the condition of