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  • Sarah Anjum Bari

    Sarah Anjum Bari is a ravisher of caffeine and prose, with a heart that lives in Parisian cafes.

  • Beyond the book—this is how the youth read

    Those of us who love literature are haunted by an ever-looming threat: that reading as a practice around the world is dwindling.
  • A Glimpse of the Istanbul We Don’t Know

    There is a difference between being hooked “from” the start of a book and being hooked “by” the start of it. 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World—Elif Shafak’s 11th novel—does the latter.

    The soft light of the setting sun illuminates the entire section every time I walk in, mostly because I AM ALWAYS LATE. On one side white balloons hang, on another side a dart board.
  • Children’s activities at Dhaka Litfest 2019

    Every November, Dhaka Lit Fest creates a hub of stimulating activities and conversations for the culturally inclined.
  • Did we need two Booker Prize winners?

    After six months of reading 151 books longlisted into 11, narrowed down further to six, the Booker Prize judges on October 14 announced this year’s winner—the “best novel” produced in English in the UK and Ireland (regardless of the author’s nationality) over the past one year.