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  • From Kathak to Odissi

    At Shadhona's solo dance festival, Ranga Utsav, a young dancer left the audience awestruck with her graceful Odissi movements on November 10. One would be hard-pressed to speculate anything other than the notion that she had been practicing this particular craft for years. However, the speculation is only partially true.
  • HoiChoi launches its first album Larelappa

    S I Shumon, a renowned singer and sound engineer, has received several accolades throughout his career.
  • Dhallywood films 2018

    Four Bangladeshi films to watch before the year ends

    As 2018 comes to its twilight, it is apparent that the Bangladeshi film industry is picking up steam again, having delivered some riveting productions that kept the audience interested.

    Did you know that Bangladesh has its own version of the legend of Makara – beautifully engrained in Jessore's Jora Shiv Temples? Have
  • The other side of SAMIR HAFIZ

    Arguably one of the most versatile guitarists in the country, Samir Hafiz plays for Warfaze, Powersurge, AvoidRafa, Shrapnel Method