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  • Md Mizanur Rahman Himadri

  • underprivileged children

    Amader Pathshala: Changing lives, quietly but surely

    Amader Pathshala has been quietly changing lives of underprivileged children in the capital's Mirpur since the school was established over a decade ago.
  • Ending the shame surrounding menstruation

    Fourteen year old Jhorna Akhter started getting her period recently. Along with physical changes during puberty, she is faced with change in emotional state as well.
  • The two-wheeled miracle

    “Four legs good, two legs bad,” is a famous quote of George Orwell, brilliantly put in his time-winning satirical fable Animal Farm. This seems to be the other way round, or so it appears, when you wander around Dhaka, a city of lifeless wheelers.
  • Orange backpacks in Bangladesh

    A classroom in a backpack

    Orange backpacks, with the word “Sputnique” on them, made their way to different corners of the country. And somehow, everywhere these backpacks, each weighing about five kilograms, went, they brought significant benefit to those who were able to use them to their fullest potential.
  • Jagotee railway station in Kushtita

    Tears of a 156-yr-old rly station

    Now it is afternoon. There's sunshine and everything is glowing. The beauty of nature shines in every nook and cranny in the entire area, except a nearby railway station lying in an uncared state for years. Where once flowers and leaves were swaying in the wind, there is now the kingdom of weed and grass.