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  • Md Mizanur Rahman Himadri

  • Jagotee railway station in Kushtita

    Tears of a 156-yr-old rly station

    Now it is afternoon. There's sunshine and everything is glowing. The beauty of nature shines in every nook and cranny in the entire area, except a nearby railway station lying in an uncared state for years. Where once flowers and leaves were swaying in the wind, there is now the kingdom of weed and grass.
  • The indigenous boy who drew a logo for UN

    In the flowing hills of Rangamati sits the small village of Bhedbhedi. This is where Rebang Dewan grew up frolicking around with his friends. The village encapsulates almost all the features of natural beauty the hills have to offer—clouds passing through the huts, occasional flashes of lightning seen from the distance, pattering rain on the roofs, glimpses of a rainbow, and rain-drenched verdant greenery.
  • The tree doctors

    Even though it was monsoon, I watered my rooftop plants before leaving Dhaka during Eid. While travelling in the night coach, I kept worrying about my plant babies. What would happen to them in the absence of water in this sweltering heat and high humidity? Will they survive my seven-day vacation? My fears were confirmed—when I returned, I found that the smaller plants had almost died, while the leaves of the mature ones had turned yellowish.
  • underprivileged kids

    A school for the poor

    As the sun sets on the horizon in Elahipur village of Khulna's Rupsha upazila, most children begin heading home from the playgrounds; except eight-year-old Sukur. The child eagerly leaves his homes and makes his way to Anushilon Mojar School.
  • Women take up Facebook-commerce

    It was a surprise get-together where everyone was asked to wear dark blue saris.