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  • Kite flying gets back life

    Flamboyant kites of different shapes and colours are seen flying in the sky especially in rural areas as children have enough time for the traditional pastime during the closure of schools amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
  • An unfading beacon

    For the past couple of decades, eye specialist Hari Sankar Das has been seeing patients at Mymensingh city’s Charpara area. As the country’s healthcare system took a major hit amid the coronavirus outbreak, access to medical facilities became more and more difficult. Despite the challenges, the 70-year old continued to serve the people of Mymensingh, not turning away anyone who might need medical help for their eyes.
  • Doomed, either way

    If you knew that the beginning of next month, you would have no money, none at all, how badly would you try to save your job?
  • A freedom fighter’s last tribute

    He even spent the last days of his life working for the welfare of the nation. There was no Shaheed Minar in Nagor union of Netrakona’s Khaliajury upazila to pay homage to the martyrs of 1952 Language Movement. Nobody bothered to build a permanent structure there even years after the language movement.
  • Plight of a national hero

    Khandakar Abdul Malek Shahidullah was only seventeen in 1952 when the wave of protests during the Language Movement shook the country.