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  • dengue fever in Bangladesh

    Dengue takes alarming turn

    The dengue situation in the country is getting worse this year as the number of infected people has more than doubled since last month, compared with the same period last year.
  • Chemical warehouses to be temporarily moved to Gazipur

    The government is going to shift chemical warehouses of Old Dhaka to Kathaldia in Gazipur’s Tongi temporarily, as the long-time plan to set up a permanent hub will take time.
  • Mosquito Control Dept: IN ABSOLUTE SHAMBLES

    In Dhakeshwari area in the old part of the city, a signboard reading “Moshok Nibaroni Daptor” stands out, especially for citizens tired of the mosquito menace that shows no signs of ending.
  • Old Dhaka’s Jahaj Bari demolished on Eid night

    “Jahaj Bari” -- the ship-shaped building on Old Dhaka’s Chawk Circular Road famed for its aesthetic value -- was demolished on Wednesday night, the night of Eid-ul-Fitr.
  • Eid Journey 2019

    Going home, mostly happy

    With his seven-month-old nephew on his lap, Mohammad Shohag, along with his siblings, was seen waiting at the Kamalapur Railway Station to catch the Nilphamari-bound Nilsagar Express.