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  • Helemul Alam

  • dengue fever patients

    Dengue too may join in

    Sporadic rain and a relatively empty capital will make for an ideal breeding environment for the dengue-causing Aedes mosquitoes.
  • Natural reservoir runs dry

    Five years ago, Dhaka Wasa announced the discovery of a natural underground water reservoir in Savar’s Bhakurta.
  • Return of the menace

    On a warm spring evening last week, Mohsin Ali, a resident of Mirpur-12, went to a local store to buy mosquito coils. Almost as if sensing his intentions and determined to deter him, a swarm of mosquitoes formed a cloud over his head, diving in at every chance.
  • dengue fever patients

    Rise in dengue cases rings alarm

    The number of dengue patients admitted to hospitals this year is already around four times higher than that of last year during this time, although the rainy season is still two months away.
  • DCCs napping as mosquitoes buzz

    As experts warn of a record increase in Culex mosquito population next month, measures taken by the two Dhaka city corporations to check the blood-sucking insects appear inadequate.