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  • primary and secondary school final exams

    Move to check groundwater depletion

    After years of neglect and a bit of experiment, the government is set to make rainwater harvesting mandatory.
  • Locals take it upon themselves

    Even a year ago, it took commuters some 30 minutes to travel a 1.5-km stretch on Natunbazar Road in Dhaka's South Paikpara as the narrow road remained congested with traffic.
  • Left incomplete for 3 years

    Despite long-time demand from residents and commuters, a foot over-bridge at Shankar bus stop area in Dhanmondi has remained in a skeletal form for years.
  • DSCC, DNCC setting up 50 new bus stops

    Two city corporations of Dhaka have started to set up 50 passenger-sheds at as many bus stops in the city, to bring the city's chaotic traffic under discipline.
  • For the love of strays

    During the early hours of an April day, as remnants of a storm from the night before formed into a drizzle, small “meows” could be heard from a fourth-storey sunshade of a building in Khilgaon.