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  • Bjorn Lomborg

    The writer is President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and Visiting Professor at Copenhagen Business School.

  • We need better solutions for maternal health

    In the next two minutes, one woman will die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. She will die from entirely preventable causes during one of the most beautiful moments of human life, giving birth.
  • Prioritising e-government procurement for vision 2021 and beyond

    Transparency, fair competition and accountability are three defining features of an efficient public procurement system. Until 2011,
  • Empowering rural courts

    Increasing access to justice at the grassroot level can directly protect human rights of the rural poor. It is estimated that nearly 4 billion poor around the world cannot access the protection of the law and justice system.
  • Smart priorities for the new government’s first budget

    Since 2015, Copenhagen Consensus and BRAC have collaborated on Bangladesh Priorities to create a bridge between policy and research. This is driven by the belief that, with limited resources and time, it is crucial that decisions are informed by what will do the most good for each taka spent.
  • Four crucial policy interventions to help Bangladesh grow

    With input from more than 400 experts from government, international organisations, scholars, and intellectuals, the Bangladesh Priorities project helped identify 76 investments that would help achieve the nation's goals under the 7th Five Year Plan.