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  • Bjorn Lomborg

    The writer is President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and Visiting Professor at Copenhagen Business School.

  • The moral and economic case for action to end TB

    Today [Wednesday, 26 September], Heads of State will meet at the United Nations for their first-ever meeting dedicated to ending Tuberculosis as a public health threat.
  • The youth prioritises agriculture

    Discussions about development spending and reducing Bangladesh's climate vulnerability are often dominated—understandably—by politicians and donors. These are the decision-makers who affect how funds are spent.
  • Making the SDGs smarter

    Over the next 15 years, the Sustainable Development Goals will influence more than USD 2.5 trillion of money in development aid...
  • Debate on poverty eradication

    The project 'Bangladesh Priorities' set out to have a conversation on what is best for Bangladesh. In that spirit, I welcome the commentary from Nick Beresford of UNDP Bangladesh on September 29. His concerns merit a considered response.
  • NUTRITION - Small investments can make a huge impact

    Poor nutrition continues to impede Bangladesh's progress. The effects include maternal mortality, infant mortality, and stillbirths. Also, poor growth among small children results in stunting, which in turn has life-long consequences. Affecting about six million Bangladeshi children under the age of five, the condition decreases cognitive development, leads to worse health outcomes and school performance.