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  • Bishwajit Roy

  • Grassroots slipping through the cracks

    Who cares about the Third Division Cricket League these days, when fans, officials and media are mostly engrossed in international cricket? But this season’s domestic lower-tier competition has still gotten plenty of attention enough attention. But, alas, the spotlight has been shone for all the wrong reasons.
  • Time to choose a long-term captain

    The current problem in Bangladesh cricket is a multifaceted one. The national team’s struggle to reach a desired international level especially in Test cricket, a lack of foresight in planning towards future targets, alleged corruption in lower-tier cricket are just a few of the problems.
  • Sad, shocked but mostly puzzled

    “I cannot imagine what I am dealing with. I can only say that it’s not normal.”
  • Look at the real fault lines

    The grand corporate boardrooms, lush-green cricket fields and financial affluence does not necessarily guarantee good governance in cricket. However, it is believed that only strong governance can ensure long-term benefit in the modern era.
  • Adopting the Mullah’s wisdom

    We all know about the witty, wise and philosophical Mullah Nasruddin, a Persian character who appears in thousands of humorous stories. A well-known tale relates how judge Nasruddin was listening to a case and, after hearing the plaintiff’s deposition, remarked,