Anindya J Ayan

Online Journalist at The Daily Star

Turning plastic wastes to resources

A grim future threatens our world and the lives of thousands of species, including humans, as we keep polluting the environment with plastic wastes. However, there is still hope to save the day if we turn these wastes to resources, and there are ways to do so.

Reminiscing the days when TVCs were interesting

These days, it seems as if the TV channels actually telecast the TVCs and show programs in breaks between them. The number of TVCs shown at a time may well take a test of your patience. However, there was a time when people used to enjoy the TVC breaks, and often it was found that they even hum the TVC tunes and even sing the jingles of their favourite advertisements.

Web Review: Expand horizons with distant learning online

With the internet becoming faster, we can now have access to course materials and other academic resources online from the top universities in the world.

Web review: Learn new languages for free

Duolingo offers an array of courses in 22 languages, including French, German, Russian, Spanish, etc. The courses range from basic to advanced levels. If you have absolutely no language skill in, say for example, German, yet you will be able to try out the basic exercises and move on to the advanced level over time.

Web review: The witty ‘Goats of Bangladesh’

Your Facebook homepage may seem boring and mundane at times with all the worldly stuff and common things piling up there, unless you are a follower of the Goats of Bangladesh.

Magical Mustafizur!

Bangladesh bowling sensation Mustafizur Rahman makes yet another scintillating performance with the ball in Sunrisers’ match against Punjab in Indian Premier League 2016.

Pahela Baishakh, Halkhata, and memories

Are the Bangla New Year and Halkhata celebrations today similar to the way they were back in the ‘50's or ‘60’s? How did Bangalis welcome the New Year in those days?

Where have all the flowers gone?

Mass urbanisation takes its toll on Dhaka by erasing the scopes for the young ones to have a healthy childhood. The city is no longer child friendly as it fails to provide the amenities and environmental factors needed for the physical and psychological development of children.

In remembrance of Jibanananda Das

Today is the 118th birth anniversary of poet Jibanananda Das, a legend in Bengali literature. We remember him in this day with the greatest reverence.

Web Review: Dhaka’s history in Facebook

Facebook group ‘DHAKA - 400 years History in Photographs’, has startling photographs of the city and its people from the pages of history.

[WATCH] History of Dhaka’s origin

Dhaka, one of the oldest metropolises in this part of the subcontinent, has crossed the enviable milestone of 400 years. The city, founded by the Mughals in the 17th century, was the economic capital of the Mughal Empire, and later saw rapid growth in urbanization during the British colonization in the late 19th and early 20th century.

[WATCH] Happy Birthday, Nayak Raj!

In his bright career that began in the 1960s, Razzak has acted in over three hundred films in Bengali and Urdu. Acting for nearly five decades, Razzak acclaimed vast popularity and has been widely recognised as one of the finest actors Bengali film industry ever had.

[WATCH NOW] Poramaati-- A tale from ’71

A reverence in honour of the intellectual sons of this soil who became martyrs on this very day in 1971.

Reminiscing Freedom in the Air

Kamal Lohani, the eminent journalist reminisces the Victory Day on December 16, 1971...

Web Review: Facebook for Foodies

Planning to try out a new restaurant, or looking for somewhere to hang out with friends while munching on your favourite snacks, or maybe you are looking for the perfect place to go for a candle light dinner with the special one? You are just one post away from your answer!

Web Review: Facebook to solve your desperate needs

The Facebook group, Desperately Seeking- Dhaka, is an interesting initiative by social media activists to engage a vast number of Facebook users under one banner to share their problems, queries and needs, and there is always someone with an answer to them, no matter how queer your needs are and how difficult the solution is!

[WATCH NOW] Learning with puppets: When learning is fun

Puppetry is an effective tool to teach children with its lively and interesting performances. The art form can be integrated in primary education system to make learning fun, said Al Amin Khondokar, program director at Jol Putul Puppet Studio.

Web Review: Animal welfare through Facebook

Facebook groups such as ‘ADOPT ME! BANGLADESH! ~by MAD.ORG’, ‘Dog Lovers of Bangladesh!’ and ‘Dog Society of Bangladesh’ are engaging in activities related to animal welfare and creating awareness regarding animal rights in Bangladesh.

Web Review: Get traffic alerts on Facebook

The traffic condition in Dhaka is getting worse with time. But now, you can get updates on the traffic status of your route and decide beforehand whether to take an alternative route to reach your destination.

The extinct species of Bangladesh

13 species of animals have already become extinct from Bangladesh and several others have also possibly become extinct.

The extinct species of Bangladesh

13 species of animals have already become extinct from Bangladesh and several others have also possibly become extinct.

Animals that can't be seen in Bangladesh anymore

13 species of animals have already become extinct from Bangladesh and several others have also possibly become extinct.

What to do, and not to do during Ramadan

Follow these guidelines and don’t let Ramadan lead to compromises with your health and fitness.

Best food practices in Ramadan (video)

Ramadan is upon us and Muslims all around the world have embarked in a month of fasting and abstinence. The Daily Star suggests some healthy practices to keep you fit and healthy this Ramadan.

Bloggers die young (video)

It is hard to believe that a group of writers are in mortal danger in the country now just for expressing their opinions. But that’s the truth.

[WATCH] How Pahela Baishakh came to be

Muntasir Mamun, Professor of History at University of Dhaka, and Hashem Sufi, Researcher of History, tell us the facts behind how Bengali New Year celebration on Pahela Baishakh came to be.