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    February brings hope for florists

    Days will be longer for the flower growers for the next couple of months thanks to its increased demand because of back-to-back national events, beginning with Pahela Falgun and Valentine’s Day today, both of which will be observed on the same day in Bangladesh this year.
  • How Savar became a hub of rose cultivation

    Sabed Ali was 16 years old when he began working as a gardener at Bangladesh National Zoo.
  • Dreaming anew with jute

    On June 15, 2017, a section of a clay wall crashed and fell on 18-year-old Sabina Yeasmin, paralysing her from the waist down. The incident happened just when she was about to sit for her HSC exams, and set her education back by two whole years.
  • A mess 28yrs in the making

    Savar Municipality authorities have failed to arrange a landfill or garbage dumping station in its 28 years of establishment, hampering waste management to a great extent.
  • ‘Riverbank grabbers mustn’t contest in polls’

    Savar residents yesterday urged authorities to bar riverbank grabbers from contesting in elections.