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  • Playing with Memories

    In most cases, nostalgia has three factors: time, place and people. One of these—time that has passed—is a constant in all nostalgic memories. What if I fooled around with the other two factors?
  • A Plebeian’s Guide to Dark Academia

    Dark academia is about the idealisation of everything intellectual and scholarly: the smell of old books, candlelit libraries, classical music, fountain pens–that sort of thing.
  • A Brain Cell Roundtable

    Cells One, Two and Three have gathered for their meeting inside Mili’s brain. Take a seat, please.
  • All About Whataboutism

    In short, "whataboutism" is a device used to discredit and counter an argument by drawing attention to a similar or completely different topic, thus steering the discussion to an irrelevant lane.
  • Love Through Feline Eyes

    Human? My Human, where are you?