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  • Aanila Kishwar Tarannum

    Aanila likes having cookies dipped in tea, but the act of dipping the cookie stresses her out because it might fall into the tea cup. She mostly writes humour, and hopes that her writing will make you laugh sometimes. Reach her at aanila.tarannum@gmail.com.

  • Black Mirror’s “Miley Cyrus episode” : A better ending to Hannah Montana?

    Any form of television or literature targeted towards female young adults have a few tried and tested tropes—protagonist gets a
  • How unlimited pizza became an iftar tradition

    Over a decade ago, Dhaka was introduced to the phenomenon of unlimited pizza and its faithful companion, the bottomless drink. The first and only time I have ever availed this offer was back in fifth grade. My mother, a dedicated pizza lover, took me to Pizza Hut on Satmasjid Road.
  • Mother’s Day: Teach your sons to respect women

    Mothers, who have overcome all challenges to become successful professionals and be role models to their sons and daughters, say that teaching sons to share their familial and social space equally with girls is the first step for removing the double standards that have been instilled in generations.
  • Tale of two princes

    If you are familiar with Game of Thrones fan theories, you might have heard one that suspects Jaime Lannister is Azor Ahai, a King Arthur-like figure who will rise up to save humanity.
  • Remnants of a Buddhist civilisation in Nateshwar

    The recently excavated Nateshwar archaeological site bears witness to the Bengal region’s thousand-year-old history, with its