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  • Aanila Kishwar Tarannum

    Aanila likes having cookies dipped in tea, but the act of dipping the cookie stresses her out because it might fall into the tea cup. She mostly writes humour, and hopes that her writing will make you laugh sometimes. Reach her at aanila.tarannum@gmail.com.

  • Putting the “news” in our news feeds

    Roshni Islam, 23, is a student of environmental science at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). On a typical day in her life, she wakes up around 8am and goes through a rotation of social media apps on her phone.
  • Architecture for the people

    If you have passed through Manik Mia Avenue recently, you may have noticed six shipping containers sitting right outside the parliament complex -- each depicting the unique architectural landscape of Dhaka in different seasons. Designed by artist Reesham Shahab Tirtho, the vibrant graffiti on the container walls have caught the attention of all commuters, many of whom stopped to check out the exhibit.
  • Bangla natok and chill

    There are over 40 privately run TV channels in the country, of which four are news channels, one music channel, and one is for
  • Clouds aren’t fluffy and other revelations at Meghalaya

    During the Eid holidays, I went to Meghalaya through the Tamabil-Dawki border with seven friends. On our way to Sylhet from Dhaka,
  • ‘The most alone of poets’

    “I fell in love with how modern Jibanananda Das’ work was, and how unusual the temperament behind it was. And it’s not just his poetry, his life is just as interesting to me,” said Japanese filmmaker Hiroshi Sunairi, who has been researching on Das for the past few months.