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  • Aanila Kishwar Tarannum

    Aanila likes having cookies dipped in tea, but the act of dipping the cookie stresses her out because it might fall into the tea cup. She mostly writes humour, and hopes that her writing will make you laugh sometimes. Reach her at aanila.tarannum@gmail.com.

  • The millennial way of campaigning

    In almost three decades, since the last Dhaka University Central Students' Union (Ducsu) election, a lot has changed. Social media is now an indispensable part of students' lives, with Facebook being a popular platform for sharing information. Campaigning is no longer limited to the streets, it is also done through carefully curated content online.
  • Imagining a women-friendly city

    While science fiction novels have moved on to imagining lunar cities where people travel on hoverboards, Bangladeshi women can still barely imagine a place where half of its population isn't constantly discriminated against. No one here dreams of hoverboards—they just want good buses they can get on without being groped or having their wallets stolen.
  • DUCSU election

    Everything you need to know about DUCSU election

    Earlier this week, I learned that many Dhaka University (DU) students have absolutely no clue what DUCSU is. Some have only seen this name being thrown around in memes, some have seen it on a building on campus, but they're not sure what it means.
  • From Patharia to Lusai

    The books we read as children have a much stronger influence on us than the ones we read as adults. When I was little, my only goal was to finish one book and get started on the next.
  • Hello, kishor bondhura

    As a child, my one and only after-school activity was reading. I was extremely unathletic and I only got to watch TV for a limited amount of time before the adults in the house took over with their news and Ekta Kapoor shows. None of this was a problem for me, because there were always enough books.