Bleeding for Survival- First Garo band to be featured on GAAN app

Members of Bleeding for Survival

Rock band Bleeding for Survival is the first ever band from Garo community-- an indigenous community of Bangladesh-- to be featured on the leading music streaming platform, GAAN app.

They released their debut track "Salni Teng'sue" on Gaan app on December 4, 2020 in their mother tongue -- A'chik. Anyone can download the song from the app after installing it from Google Playstore. The song's music video for the track will release on December 11 from their YouTube channel.

The song Salni Teng'sue-- meaning "the Sunshine"-- portrays the feelings of a person for his beloved. At different layers of the song, the composition exudes romanticism of a Garo youth for his loved one in an artistic way. 

Bleeding for Survival started their journey 2013 under the name "Warriors", with Wesley Hadima, Polash Hawee as its founding members. Tonmoy Poddar and Aram Bawn joined later. After Polash Hawee and Tonmoy Poddar left the band, Noble Sangma replaced them.

 "We believe music has no language barriers," says Wesley Sangma. "I hope that the song that we released in our mother tongue will be acceptable to everyone here."  Wesley mentioned that the platform A'chik Band Community of Bangladesh (ABCB) has many talented rising bands to discover, and urged music lovers to explore the community.

 "What they are doing for their community and music as a whole deserves appreciation," says Kazi Ashiqeen Shaju, who is one of the founders of GAAN and Artcell's fabled drummer. "Their song is already trending on our app, as it is catchy and melodic. I wish them well."

Shaju applauded Bleeding for Survival's heart, as they composed in their own mother tongue. "I hope, they will keep composing music in their language, and feel proud about it, without paying heed to any negativity."



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