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  • Mathews Chiran

  • No Eid joy for beauticians

    Bobita Dalboth was supposed to stay busy with customers during this time of the year. Pre-Eid is the most profitable time for beauticians like her. On the busiest days, clients would have to line up and wait for their turn to get some last minute grooming done.
  • Crisis or not, Atiq looks to stand by Dhaka residents

    Mayor-elect Atiqul Islam of Dhaka North City Corporation hasn’t taken over office yet, and the city is already undergoing a huge challenge in the form of a coronavirus outbreak. The Daily Star spoke to Atiqul recently about his work during the Covid-19 crisis, as well as plans for the city.
  • A restaurant-turned-community kitchen

    As the clock hits 12:30pm, a group of people can be seen busily organising meal-plates at the Mazaa restaurant in front of Mohammadpur Tajmahal Road’s Krishi Market.
  • Stalled dev works raise concerns

    With the shutdown in place to contain the spread of coronavirus, many ongoing development works of the two Dhaka city corporations have come to a standstill.
  • Joining hands to wash hands

    After a tiring session of painting a nearby store, labourer Shaheen Mia finds the newly set up public hand-washing station, and he along with his co-worker grabs the bar of soap and scrubs away all dirt and grime, and possibly the coronavirus.