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  • High risk, higher uncertainty

    Mostafa Kamal (45) has been working as an ambulance driver for nearly 10 years. In the past, he took two to three calls per day, which would be enough to meet his family’s needs.
  • A time to look out for one another

    In the middle of March, when Covid-19 started sweeping across the nation, Mithun Raksam, a poet and publisher from the Garo community, got a heart-breaking phone call from an acquaintance.
  • Outrage over Facebook post on providing ‘Garo housemaid’

    A Facebook post with the picture of a Garo woman made by a maid-providing agency has caused outrage among social media users, including people from the ethnic minority community.
  • From footpath to Facebook

    Sixty-four-year-old Habibur Rahman came to Dhaka from Narsingdi in 1988. For the past 32 years, he has been selling books around the city, and now, to the elderly man’s amazement, he is selling books online with the help of his son.
  • No Eid joy for beauticians

    Bobita Dalboth was supposed to stay busy with customers during this time of the year. Pre-Eid is the most profitable time for beauticians like her. On the busiest days, clients would have to line up and wait for their turn to get some last minute grooming done.