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  • Mathews Chiran

  • Despite predicaments, they carry on

    Women candidates for elections to the reserved ward councillor posts of two Dhaka city corporations don’t just want to be “ornamental councillors”; they want to make the city safer for women and have demanded a balance of power between them and their male counterparts so that they can serve people properly.
  • Vote, no matter what: BNP

    Exercise your franchise! Come to the polling centres overcoming all obstacles and vote!
  • DCC polls: What newly-included wards want

    Speeding up mosquito control activities, proper waste management, repairing roads and solving waterlogging problems -- these are the main issues residents of newly-added wards expect to be solved by their mayor.
  • No recruitment at city corporations in 8 years

    While the two Dhaka city corporations often get flak for delay in development and other works or lacking in implementation of plans, a lot of those criticisms would sound rather harsh when one considers that there have been no new recruitment to the city corporations in over eight years -- since Dhaka City Corporation was split in two in 2011 -- and a large number of posts remain vacant.
  • The guerrilla of Garo hills

    Every day at the break of dawn, Albert Mrong sets out from home on his bicycle with a bag full of medicines. He rides over the uneven terrain of Madhupur -- surrounded by banana orchards -- stopping at homes of worried villagers and giving them necessary vaccines and antidote for their cattle.