Toyota bZ4X - The new electric SUV on the block

Toyota bZ4X
With commuting in mind, this new SUV looks to shake up a few things in the world of EVs. Images: Toyota

As the world goes by, it can be easily determined that the foreseeable future of the human race is electric. EVs in general have been getting more of the commuter treatment as electric cars are getting more accepted than ever before, and according to the statistics, so is the bZ4X - one of the first completely electronic subcompact SUVs from Toyota. With commuting in mind, this new SUV looks to shake up a few things in the world of EVs. Keep reading to find out more.

Toyota bZ4X


The Toyota bZ4X takes many similar cues from existing models such as the Toyota C-HR and the Harrier (also known as the Venza) but still manages to keep the design different by introducing subtle sharp body lines prominent around the fenders, which is the only way it can be told that the bZ4X could be an EV. The fenders of the cars have sharp curves under which seats 20-inch wheels, while the bumper is rounded off. The headlights also reflect the sharp body language of the DRLs. The bZ4X primarily competes with the Mazda MX-30 as its local competitor and is ahead of the curve in terms of range and reliability. The bZ4X also competes with the Tesla Model Y, Hyundai IONIQ 5, and the Audi Q4 e-Tron, just to name a few EVs in the similar class. 

Toyota bZ4X


What seems like an EV in the bZ4X is when you get inside; greeted with a squared-off steering wheel outside of the regular Toyota fashion. Behind the wheel, there is a digital gauge alongside the speedometer to show various information about the car. A 12.3-inch touchscreen with wireless smartphone mirroring is the given standard, supporting features like built-in navigation-free for three years, where later uses will require a subscription fee. 

Some additional features of the Limited version include a motion-activated power liftgate, a heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated front seats, a multi-view camera, 20-inch wheels, and Softex faux-leather upholstery.


The Toyota bZ4X comes in two trim models with either a single motor 2WD or a dual motor 4WD, where the 4WD model costs extra above the 2WD variant. When it comes to the engine both variants use AC synchronous motors, where the 2WD variant has 201 horsepower and the 4WD variant has a slight edge with 215 horsepower. 

Other than that, the regular 2WD variant has a 63 kWh battery which can deliver up to 405 km of range, whereas the Limited model with two motors trades off some range for extra power, giving about 370 km of range from a larger 65.5 kWh battery.

Toyota bZ4X


According to the current pricing on the official Toyota website, the Limited version starts from $46,700 with 242 miles of estimated FWD range, while the XLE version starts from $42,000 with 252 miles of estimated FWD range. Even considering the price, The Toyota bZ4X could be a fantastic e-commuter and would fly under the radar as it does not come with the 'e-flashiness'. 

Although the lines in the cars are sharp, it gives off a good character to the car, making sure that a good look can answer the question of whether the car in question is an EV or not. Although the car is indeed an EV, do not expect its speeds to be in Tesla territories. Instead, expect convenience with zero emissions.

Being Toyota's first-ever car in the EV segment, it can be safely said that the electric vehicle revolution is to be expected sooner than the world thought. Being one of the largest automotive manufacturing companies in the world, they are accepting and adapting to change as soon as possible. 

As the car is from Toyota, expect a couple of units even in Bangladesh - as it is the only brand where anything that is offered gets brought. Maybe when it's released, the Toyota bZ4X might be a popular pick in the local EV scene as well. Only time will tell.


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শিক্ষামন্ত্রী দীপু মনি বলেছেন, 'আমাদের যে মেগা প্রকল্পগুলো চলছে, সেগুলোর কাজ শেষ হলে আমি বিশ্বাস করি শিক্ষাখাতে মেগা প্রকল্পের কাজ শুরু করা যাবে। শিক্ষাই হবে আমাদের মেগাপ্রজেক্ট।'