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Dhaka Motor Show 2023: A glimpse into the future of local automobile scene

One of the most celebrated automotive shows of the country returned for its 16th instalment, where, like every year, local automotive manufacturers showcased the latest cars, bikes and other aftermarket supporting parts for vehicles. Besides the new releases, there have also been a few tuner cars to look for as well. 

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The Audi Activesphere concept: Unorthodox in automation

With the immense versatility of the body design and cutting-edge technology packed inside, Audi seems to spew new competition-bending traditional car designs.

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Inside Runner’s three-wheeler factory

Local manufacturing company Runner Automobiles PLC has recently announced a three-wheeler manufacturing plant in association with Bajaj - the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

Return of the Rotary: 2023 Mazda MX-30

Let’s take a look at what the brand new 2023 Mazda MX-30 is all about.

Our picks for wireless earphones under Tk. 20,000

If you’re looking for good quality wireless earphones within an affordable range of Tk. 20,000, check out our recommendations below.

Flexing the wheels again

From tuner cars to classics as well as featuring some supercars here and there, the latest auto meet had it all. 

Take a look inside the grand Vespa meet up in Dhaka

Vespa Club Bangladesh recently hosted their Gentleman’s Ride event, which featured models starting from the 1960s to more recent mopeds.

Here are 5 of the most exciting cars launched this year

Before the year ends, here's a look back at the five biggest car releases that got everyone talking. 

The dazzling electric luxury: Lucid Air

Lucid Air borrows nothing from the competitors, bringing in new standards in terms of electric efficiency with a range of 530 miles while having 1111 horsepower for their highest trim

Engine mounts: what are those things?

Here are the most basic things you need to know about engine mounts.

2023 Honda BR-V: Simple gets the job done

Last week, we had the pleasure to test drive the latest Honda 2023 BR-V. Here are our thoughts.

Smells like tea, spices, mountains, and petrol

Destination Rally, a collective vintage car Rally group originating in Belgium, with members from all over Europe came to visit Bangladesh as a part of their East Himalaya Rally.

DFSK EC36: utility, now electric

Some may call the recycled SUV design a new, unorthodox utilitarian minibus.

Toyota Axio or Honda Grace: Which one should you go for?

If you have a budget of Tk. 20-22 lakh and planning to buy a mid-sized daily driver sedan to get around the city, you either have to seek the second-hand market for old Premallions, which is always a gamble to buy or you could play a bit safer and get your hands on reconditioned vehicles such as the Toyota Axio or Honda Grace. These old reliables are among the most popular cars even today, getting more and more common around Dhaka city and cementing themselves as the top choice among the budget-oriented reconditioned markets. However, with the same price range and so many similar features, which do you go for? Toyota Axio or Honda Grace? Here are some key differences to consider.

Our top picks for SUVs under Tk. 70 lakh

n this week’s list, we compiled the top SUVs that we think do more than just being a larger car, offering you a tad bit more in the cabin and outside.

Apple CarPlay can now run on every screen on your dash

Locally available infotainment systems in general have not been the best. Stock infotainment systems which generally come with the car are pre-installed and are of good quality, but the problem arises in the software department. In most cars, the infotainment interaction experience is slow and laggy, to the point phone operating systems have been providing supplementary software for a long time: Apple with CarPlay and Android with AndroidAuto.

Future of gas cars - How long till everything goes electric?

Now that the global phasing of combustion engines is near, how far is Bangladesh from adapting to an electric future?

Our picks for hatchback cars under Tk 20 lakh

While there are plenty of good hatchbacks to choose from, here are our recommendations for hatchbacks under the Tk. 20 lakh price tag.

“The Big Sur”

The Big Sur is the latest tribute to the 911 930 with a 450 Horsepower 4.0-litre air-cooled flat six-boxer engine paired with a 5-speed gated manual.

Uncommon smart TVs under Tk. 50k that might surprise you

If you’re considering buying a new TV for your living room, check out our top picks for smart televisions under Tk. 50,000/-.

Dashcams on a budget: Our picks

If you’re looking for new dashcams to buy without breaking your bank, here are our top picks for budget dashcams currently available in the local market.

Representing Bangladesh in Formula Student UK 2022

This year, the events are divided into two sections - static and dynamic. Static events include an engineering design, cost and manufacturing comparison,

Essential components to get the best out of your new PC

While getting a new desktop computer is a great experience by itself, there are a few things that could elevate your day-to-day interaction with your computer.

Guide to studying in the UK

When it comes to fresh high school graduates looking to pursue higher education abroad, the UK has always been a top choice. Recently in Bangladesh, studying in the UK has seen a surge in popularity for both undergraduate and postgraduate level education.

Designing the future Electric cars to car designers

Traditional vehicle design tends to have large front grilles which allow increased airflow and designers need to make sure that enough air is getting to the engine whilst keeping the front of the car presentable.

A handy guide to choosing the right tyres for your ride

Before attempting to change your tyre, you should confirm if your car needs a tyre replacement in the first place. Check for tread wear on the side of the tyre wall. Only consider replacing the tyres if the tread has reached the midpoint mark, which is usually below 2/32”.

Family cars: The other name of convenience

With time, the number of vehicles getting registered in Bangladesh is on the rise. According to 2019 statistics from BRTA, about 500,000 motor vehicles were registered in 2019 alone and among these, 150,000 were passenger cars, in addition to buses and motorbikes.

For the love of Vespas

Piaggio has been making motorcycles and small motor vehicles since the dawn of time where the Vespa, a motorbike, changed the course of the two-wheeler segment; promoting a thick culture of enthusiasts who swear upon the smiles per gallon talking about their ‘La dolce vita’ when they ride their bikes.

Caring for your car in winter Things to keep in mind

When it comes to CNG cars, the issue usually is starting up the car when it is completely cold. The car usually does not tend to start and stays stuck in the ignition. As CNG is a drier fuel compared to octane, although it’s cleaner, the engine lubrication is minimal; which ends up drying up engine peripherals.

Glow up season: 2022 Honda Civic review

The new Honda Civic for 2022 is out, welcoming the 11th generation on their lineup which could almost be taken for an Accord;

Caring for your car in rainy days: here’s what you need to know

It’s a cloudy morning, you decide to take your clean car out and run some errands. But just as you take it out and start driving,

Here are all the upcoming Microsoft surface products

Microsoft, this Wednesday, got done with their Fall Surface keynote event where they announced seven new products which ship with Windows 11 from the factory, including the Surface 8 Pro, Surface Go 3, the new, refreshed Surface Duo 2 and much more.

A closer look at KUET’s jute-fibre race car

Kilo Flight, a team of Mechanical Engineering students of Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET), has built a formula racing car out of jute fibre and are looking forward to bringing the technology to regular road cars. The car illustrates not only the young aspirants’ potentials but also the diverse applicability of our golden fibre.

Here’s everything Microsoft announced at its 2021 surface event

Microsoft, this Wednesday, got done with their Fall Surface keynote event where they announced seven new products which ship with Windows 11 from the factory, including the Surface 8 Pro, Surface Go 3, the new, refreshed Surface Duo 2 and much more.

Pushing traffic on a budget: Toyota Axio Hybrid

Toyota Corolla; a well-recognised name in many families through countless generations, is known as a nice, cheap, and well-rounded car that rarely breaks on you, giving countless reliable miles.

Apple WWDC 2021 roundup

The event started with the announcement of the new iPad 9th gen and the long-awaited iPad Mini 6 models, where the 9th gen iPad models feature a new A13 Bionic Chip and a new 12MP front-facing camera which also supports centre stage (a feature where the camera tracks and focuses on moving objects automatically).

Here's everything Microsoft announced at its 2021 surface event

Microsoft, this Wednesday, got done with their Fall Surface keynote event where they announced seven new products which ship with Windows 11 from the factory, including the Surface 8 Pro, Surface Go 3, the new, refreshed Surface Duo 2 and much more.

5 easy ways to clean and maintain your car interior

As easy as it seems, removing unwanted things from your car renders your space clean and safe.

Rounding up budget TKL mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are a hard hobby to comprehend, to say the least. People spend countless hours choosing not just only the right board, but it’s a rabbit hole that goes deeper than that; from the custom, keycaps to switch types (and of course,

The new, updated PS5 is lighter; perhaps not in a good way

Usually, PlayStation game console systems do not receive a hardware update until the consoles reach the half-life in their life cycle when Sony usually releases a slimmer version of the existing console, which is also cheaper to buy.  This time around, however, Sony released a newly updated version of their existing PlayStation 5 model, not even after a full year. 

The best money can buy top SUVs under BDT 30 lacs

Bangladesh likes SUVs. It can be safely said that it is rather one of the most growing vehicle sectors in the country. This week, we bring you the top four SUVs under BDT 30 lacs that are currently available in the local market which can hopefully give you the most value for your money.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Haval H9: competing for the Bangladeshi icon

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, as we all know, is one of the most popular, well established full-sized SUVs in Bangladesh. Competing against a car with this pedigree in Bangladesh is like comparing silver with platinum.

2022 Lamborghini Countach: the rebirth of a halo car

The Lamborghini Countach has been a legendary supercar since it came out in the 80s. The sharp, boxy design has been a poster car in many rooms; I have seen old photos of my father in his room with a Countach poster in the background.

Google unveils Pixel 5A 5G

When the Pixel 4A came out last year, it was on the top of the mid-range spec phones where it offered just enough, a 7nm Snapdragon 765G processor, 12.2MP main camera also paired with a 16MP ultra-wide and 6GB of RAM. Although the specs stated do not change in the 5A, there are certain key changes that render the phone more polished and desirable over the older model.

Katsu or Polpette: Comparing the Mazda Miata MX5 and Abarth 124

If the quest is seeking for a roadster easy on the pocket and fun to drive, the thought of a MX5 nibbles through every car enthusiast’s mind but, after the introduction of the ND Miata chassis in 2016, along the line, a new competitor has joined the market.