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  • Traffic Jam on Dhaka-Tangail highway

    65km tailback on Dhaka-Tangail highway; 2 vehicles vandalised

    Eid holidaymakers, who have been suffering immensely on Dhaka-Tangail highway due to 65-kilometre tailback, vandalise two vehicles in Tangail.

  • Purnima poses

    Traffic 'Jam' inside BFDC

    The Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) is renowned for film shoots, ad shoots and so much more. Professionals are busy within the compound running around with props, fixing costumes and looking for the right location for action sequences.

  • Speed over safety

    To visit his family in Dhaka each week, retired public servant Mirza Azad from Kacharipara in Pabna town has a choice: he can take a

  • Dip Flip

    Being late in Dhaka due to traffic jam is the lamest of all excuses. For if there is anything predictable in Dhaka, it is the gnarling traffic jam. To make it on time for an appointment across town, all one has to do is start two days early.

  • No traffic jam, vehicles moving slowly on Dhaka-Tangail highway

    Passengers have been suffering immensely on Dhaka-Tangail highway as vehicles are moving slowly due to yesterday night’s tailback caused by heavy rains

  • Shahbagh-Dhaka-traffic-jam

    ‘2 and a half hours and still on the road’

    If you are planning to go out today, a good advice would be stay indoors. Or face the consequence of being stuck in traffic for hours together.

  • It's same old story

    Commuters suffered long delays as moderate rain caused gridlock on city roads yesterday. The traffic situation worsened as a large number of Eid shoppers poured into malls at the weekend.

  • Bijoy Sarani-Shahbagh off limits for tomorrow

    Dhaka city police will keep some key thoroughfares off limits for tomorrow for a grand rally of the Islamic Foundation and has warned city dwellers of heavy traffic.

  • Govt considering traffic situation seriously

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith says that the government is mulling creating an ‘independent metropolitan communication authority’ to ease traffic congestion in different important cities including Dhaka Metropolitan City.

  • Jam? What jam?

    Surprise, surprise! Why are these headlines – Traffic goes haywire, City chokes on jam and so on -- hogging the newspaper pages? So what if the cars stop dead on the streets? Well, I did not feel anything and I crisscrossed this small city and reached all the spots on time yesterday! What was wrong with all these people!

  • Traffic jam chokes Dhaka

    Commuters today suffered in the sweltering heat on the city roads as most of them had to spend at least thirty minutes to an hour more than the usual time to reach their destinations due to an unusual traffic jam.

  • Don’t hold cabinet meeting at Secretariat, SC lawyer requests

    A Supreme Court lawyer sends a legal notice to the cabinet secretary requesting him not to hold the cabinet meeting at Secretariat saying that the prime minister’s movement for this meeting creates traffic jam in the city.

  • Rollercoaster ride by rickshaw

    Thought rickshaw rides are always fun? Not quite, for office-goers at least.

  • Will robot cars drive traffic congestion off a cliff?

    Self-driving cars are expected to usher in a new era of mobility, safety and convenience. The problem, say transportation researchers, is that people will use them too much.

  • Traffic terrible

    Sonia Ahmed had had enough of city traffic yesterday after remaining stuck in a huge tailback near New Market for about one and a half hours.

  • Law on cards to limit number of family cars

    The government will set the limit of private cars for a family aimed at mitigating the city’s horrific traffic congestion, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader tells the parliament.

  • People suffer for hours

    Thousands of commuters suffered long delays yesterday as they had to endure gridlocks on different city roads due to a grand rally of the ruling Awami League at the Suhrawardy Udyan.

  • Traffic agony in Dhaka

    Riddled with traffic congestion since morning, the agonising road situation in Dhaka is likely to pursue throughout the day, authorities fear.

  • HC seeks illegal structures’ list in Dhaka car parking areas

    The High Court directs Rajuk chairman to submit before it in two months a list of unauthorised structures built at car parking areas beside roads in Dhaka.

  • WATCH: Does a cop have enough power to control Dhaka streets?

    Does a policeman enjoy enough power to control traffic system in Dhaka?

  • Now, app to show travel time within Dhaka

    UNDP in collaboration with BRTC launches a pilot project which will allow your smartphone mobile app to tell you how long it will take to travel to your destination using GPS.

  • Bikers rule footpaths, pedestrians roads (video)

    If you are told: Name a city where you can drive or walk as you like, the first answer would be Dhaka! Because people find their own ways to go around the city. Traffic signals change colors—from green to red to green again--but the drivers need not pay any attention to them. But even worst menaces are motorcycles zooming by on the footpaths or people darting through the speeding cars to cross the roads among the already chaotic traffic.

  • 30km tailback on Dhaka-Tangail highway

    Thousands of passengers get stuck on Dhaka-Tangail highway for hours due to a 30-kilometre tailback following a road crash, causing sufferings to the home-bound people today, a day before the Eid-ul-Azha.

  • Vehicles in long queue at Paturia

    Thousands of Eid holidaymakers suffer immensely due to a three-kilometre tailback at Paturia ferry terminal a day before the Eid-ul-Azha.

  • Eid rush, rain cause 20km-tailback on highway

    Thousands of passengers face untold sufferings on Dhaka-Tangail highway due to a 20-kilometre tailback caused by incessant rain and heavy pressure of vehicles ahead of Eid-ul-Azha since early morning.

  • Trapped in demo, Dhaka stalls

    Traffic problems reaches acute levels in Dhaka after road blockades were set up at several key points by demonstrating public university students.

  • University students cripple Dhaka with anti-VAT demo

    Private university students hit the streets across Dhaka demanding withdrawal of the 7.5 percent VAT imposed on tuition fees - a day after police opened fire on East West University students demonstrating on the same demand.

  • Moghbazar flyover ordeal won’t end soon (video)

    What began as the construction of a one-of-a-kind elevated expressway in Dhaka two years ago, the Moghbazar flyover has suffered periods of lags in the making. The traffic situation along the construction site that has turned worse is unlikely to get better until the completion of the structure – not before 2017.

  • Curbing traffic jam: JS body formed to suggest ways

    The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home today formed a three-member sub-committee to find ways to reduce Dhaka’s traffic agony.

  • Traffic gridlock in Uttara

    Traffic gridlock on airport road in Uttara area became acute due to heavy rain and pressure of the Dhaka-bound vehicles from different adjoining districts.