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  • 'Haldaa' set for 14th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival

    Haldaa, directed by Tauquir Ahmed, has been well-received by the critics and audience alike since its release. This time, Haldaa is going to take part in the 14th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, starting from tomorrow.

  • Tauquir Ahmed's Haldaa movie

    'Haldaa' heads for hat-trick

    Directed by Tauquir Ahmed, Haldaa has won many hearts in Bangladesh and beyond.

  • Komla Rocket

    Komla Rocket set to launch

    Debuting director Noor Imran Mithu is on the countdown for his very first film, Komla Rocket. Based on the short stories Moulik and Cyprus by Shahaduz Zaman, Komla Rocket is a film that revolves around a ship

  • “Haldaa” out in theatres today

    After building up heavy anticipation over the past year, Tauquir Ahmed-helmed “Haldaa” will finally break free from post production dams today to reach nearly a hundred theatres across the country.

  • Haldaa Movie Poster

    Tauquir Ahmed discusses Haldaa

    Acclaimed actor and film director Tauquir Ahmed makes his first appearance in Uncensored with Rafi Hossain! He talks about his experience of working on the film, his career as a director and much more!

  • Bipasha and Tauquir on their “Chemistry”

    Bipasha Hayat and Tauquir Ahmed have stood out in the Bangladesh television industry as a powerhouse couple, pairing up for roles for over 25 years. The actors first became a duo in the 1992 play “Sonali Roddur”. Off-screen, the dynamic couple continues

  • Bipasha-Tauquir join forces this Eid

    Tauquir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat are two of the most celebrated actors of the country.

  • The Afzal-Tauquir-Bipasha trifecta

    TV director Arif Khan is bringing out the big guns this Eid, casting Afzal Hossain, Tauquir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat for tele-film “Rupali Diner Golpo”, putting the three big names on the same screen for the first time.

  • Tauquir Ahmed

    Tauquir's - Oggatonama honoured in Italy

    Tauquir Ahmed-directed film “Oggatonama” (“The Unnamed”) has won a special jury mention at a film festival in Italy, following its premiere at the commercial Marché du Film market at this year's Cannes Film Festival.


    Tauquir Ahmed has turned 50. He spent most of his life as a performer. He has been working in the theatre for about 31 long years;and as a television actor, for 28. Being a veteran performer, Tauquir Ahmed has seen the media go through a lot of changes. Hence, we asked him about different fields, the changes they went through, the myriad problems that loom over them, and what needs to be done to resolve the issues.

  • Tauquir-Bipasha working under Abul Hayat's direction

    Celebrity couple Tauquir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat will be seen together in single- episode television play “Sonali Danar Cheel”.

  • Tauquir Ahmed

    Tauquir set to helm new film

    Tauquir Ahmed is set to return to the director's chair after seven years, with “Oggatonama”. The actor-director's last project on the big screen was the 2007 film “Daruchini Dwip”.