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  • Albanians celebrate wildly

    Thousands of Albanians celebrate wildly in the streets of the capital Tirana after the national football team secures its first ever victory in a major international finals.

  • Rwanda's capital wants to clear its streets of hawkers

    Already boasting one of the cleanest urban centers in Africa, authorities in Rwanda's capital want thousands of street hawkers to form registered co-operatives or find formal work as they try to raise taxes and make the city even tidier, the mayor said.

  • Bikers rule footpaths, pedestrians roads (video)

    If you are told: Name a city where you can drive or walk as you like, the first answer would be Dhaka! Because people find their own ways to go around the city. Traffic signals change colors—from green to red to green again--but the drivers need not pay any attention to them. But even worst menaces are motorcycles zooming by on the footpaths or people darting through the speeding cars to cross the roads among the already chaotic traffic.