Road Transport Act 2018

Will Nadia’s tragic death change anything?

Road safety remains a neglected issue

Safe roads before smart cities

Time to put people’s safety at the heart of policymaking

Compensation For Death, Injury: Road crash victims can now legally claim it

The family of a person killed in a road crash due to reckless or negligent driving will get at least Tk 5 lakh in compensation.

Baby born in road accident: HC orders social welfare secretary to provide Tk 5 lakh

The High Court today (July 19, 2022) directed the trustee board formed under the Road Transport Act, 2018, to give Tk 5 lakh – in 15 days – for the baby born during a road accident on Dhaka-Mymensingh highway on July 16.

Beware of the danger of driver fatigue on the highways

Continued lack of concern for road safety is unacceptable

79 cases filed under new Road Transport Act

Mobile courts of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority files 79 cases under Road Transport Act-2018 and other relevant laws in Dhaka city on the second consecutive day of the operation.

Road transport law goes into effect from today: Quader

The government is going to enforce the much-anticipated Road Transport Act 2018 from today.

Road Transport Act 2018: Not in force yet

The Road Transport Act-2018 is yet to be brought into effect a month after the president's approval, allegedly due to a movement against the law by transport workers.

September 13, 2018
September 13, 2018

Road transport bill to be placed in parliament today

The proposed Road Transport Act 2018 will be placed before the parliament today, Road Transport and Bridges Ministry said yesterday.

August 7, 2018
August 7, 2018

Causing Death by Rash Driving: Maximum 5 years' jail

A draft law approved by the cabinet yesterday proposes a maximum punishment of five years' imprisonment for causing death to a person by reckless driving, drawing strong criticism from road safety campaigners who termed the sentence insufficient to end anarchy on roads.