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  • Death toll in Nepal floods rises to 55

    The death toll in Nepal from flash floods and landslides in the past three days rises to 55, with dozens missing and injured, the government says.

  • Monsoon Worry: UN gears up aid efforts in refugee camps

    UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, has said it is rushing additional aid to Bangladesh where the first monsoon rains in Cox's Bazar district affected hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees there.

  • Now, Dhaka is flooding every time it rains

    This monsoon season turns to a nightmare for Dhaka city dwellers. Now, Dhaka goes down under knee-deep every time it rains and whenever it rains.

  • Heavy rains throw city life out of gear

    Yesterday, it was the same old story of inexpressible misery that the city dwellers endure when city traffic system collapses after rain.

  • Nature Quest: The eye-catching foxtail orchid

    Have you ever spotted this orchid in our evergreen rainforests? If not, keep a close watch on the branches and the trunks of the

  • Cyclone Roanu heads towards Bangladesh

    After battering the Indian coast for last two days, the first cyclone of the monsoon is heading north to Bangladesh.

  • Nature Quest: Our last Great Hornbills

    If you have been to Bandarban town, you have probably seen a sculpture of a massive bird with a large bill sitting proudly in

  • ‘Will not have Hilsa on Pahela Baishakh’

    Hilsa, our national fish, has become an inseparable part of Pahela Baishakh (Bangla New Year) celebrations, but experts say the practice has no roots in a thousand years of Bengali tradition.

  • Nature Quest: Courtship pageant in Tangua

    Tangua haor is a mini ocean during monsoon. But in winter much of the water is gone and the haor turns into a maze of interconnected wetlands called beels. Once away from the muddy shores overgrown with reeds, one can see through the clear beel water a magnificent green carpet of plants at the bottom. This garden, hidden underneath the water, is visited by thousands of ducks during the winter months every year.

  • Rain cools down Dhaka

    Dhaka cools down in a wave of rain around noon today – a respite for city dwellers from the heat that has been persisting for the last few days.

  • Unusual rain: Climate change to blame

    The Met office says it hasn't seen such erratic pattern of monsoon, which has caused about 40 percent more rainfall this year than the average recorded over the last 10 years. 'Climatic change has caused a spike in variability,' says a top weather expert.

  • Drizzle causes gridlock

    People's sufferings continue as rains keep on pouring in Dhaka. Several streets remain inundated, causing acute gridlock. According to Met office, rain may fade later in the day.

  • Rain came too late! (video)

    It has been raining in Dhaka since Saturday. Sometimes rains came down heavier after slight relapses. But had it come a little earlier today, many of a Merul Badda slum might not lost their belongings in a devastating fire.

  • Rain to pour heavier in coming days

    After a slight relapse, the seasonal downpour is expected to come down heavier in the coming days in Dhaka and most places of the country.

  • Rain to continue till Monday

    Heavy rain is likely to continue at most places of the country except Rangpur till Monday evening, according to met officials.

  • Torrential rain inundates Dhaka city

    Just several hours of rain cripples the life in Dhaka as different parts of the capital went under ankle to knee-deep water, thanks to poor drainage system.

  • Heavy rainfall may continue over next 24hr

    Different parts of the country including Dhaka and Chittagong may experience heavy rainfall with thunder showers in the next 24 hours.

  • Downpour inundates port city

    Usually what is seen during monsoon, most of the key points in Chittagong city goes down underwater in last night’s downpour.